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Insider Information on Medical School Admissions from Dr. Steven Hausrath

Dr. Hausrath is a local physician associated with CVPH. He was on the admissions committee at Galveston State Medical School (part of the University of Texas) for 10 years. He came to SUNY Plattsburgh on March 27th of 2002 and gave an informal lecture to the students on gaining admission to medical school.

I have copies of a video tape of this lecture in my office, which you are welcome to borrow. I made and edited a transcript of the lecture and Dr. Hausrath graciously allowed me to post it here. If you truly want to be a doctor, this is required reading.

An Interview with the Admission Director of UVM

  • Preparation

    Getting into medical school is a very challenging process. The people who succeed are more than just intelligent — they are motivated and organized to achieve their goal.

    In 2001 I compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the application process and interviewed the director of admissions at UVM. Her responses were very informative. Here is a paraphrasing of what I learned from Dr. Gleeson.

Delaying Applying to Med School

High GPA and Low MCATs

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