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3 Year Path at SUNY Plattsburgh for 3+4 Programs

In order to finish your Plattsburgh commitment in 3 years for the 3+4 degree programs you must complete specific requirements.

With 3 + 4 programs, you are eligible to receive a B.A. in biology after three years at SUNY Plattsburgh and one year at the post-graduate institution. If successful in your first year at the post-graduate institution, 20 credits from that year will transfer back to SUNY Plattsburgh to complete your degree.

  • 3 + 4 programs involve three years of study at SUNY Plattsburgh followed by four years at a participating school.
  • Each degree program has slightly different prerequisite courses that are required.
  • You will also be required to complete a second application process in your sophomore year.

Use the guide below to ensure that you will have all the necessary courses when you leave SUNY Plattsburgh. The guide includes major courses, cognates, and general education courses.

SUNY Plattsburgh Biology B.A. Requirements

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