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3 Year Path at SUNY Plattsburgh for 3+4 Programs

In order to finish your Plattsburgh commitment in 3 years for the 3+4 degree programs you must complete specific requirements.

These programs are designed to allow students to receive a B.A. in biology after 3 years at SUNY Plattsburgh and one year at the post graduate institution. If successful in your first year, 20 credits from that year will transfer back to SUNY Plattsburgh to complete your degree.

Each degree program has slightly different prerequisite courses that it requires. You should use the guide below to ensure that you will have all the necessary courses when you leave SUNY Plattsburgh. The guide includes major courses, cognates, and general education courses.

SUNY Plattsburgh Biology B.A. Requirements

A. Departmental Requirements (42–43 cr.)

  1. BIO101 General Biology I* (4 cr.)
  2. BIO102 General Biology II* (4 cr.)
  3. BIO203 Microbiology (4 cr.) † or BIO205 Plant and Fungal Biology (3 cr.), BIO209 Vertebrate Zoology (3 cr.,) BIO 323 Invertebrate Zoology (3 cr.) or BIO329 Animal Behavior (3 cr.)
  4. BIO208 Evolution (3 cr.)
  5. BIO304 Ecology (4 cr.) or ENV304 Ecology (4 cr.)
  6. BIO305 General Genetics (4 cr.)
  7. BIO380 Communicating Biology (AWR) (3 cr.) or BIO490 Cellular Biochemistry Research Experience (AWR)** (15 cr.)
  8. BIO401 Cell Biology (4 cr.) or BIO490 Cellular Biochemistry Research Experience (AWR)** (15 cr.)
  9. BIO411 Plant Physiology (4 cr.) or BIO421 Principles of Animal Physiology (4 cr.) or Bio 326 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4cr.) † and Bio 327 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4cr.) ***†
  10. Biology Electives (9 cr.). Bio 200 level or above. At least six credits must be Bio 300 or Bio 400 level courses. No more than three credits of BIO 495, BIO 496 or BIO 499 in any combination can be counted towards the Biology Electives requirement.

B. Cognate Requirements (26–28 cr.)

  1. CHE111 Fundamental Principles of Chemistry I (4 cr.)
  2. CHE112 Fundamental Principles of Chemistry II (4 cr.)
  3. CHE240 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (5 cr.) ††
  4. CHE 371 General Biochemistry (4 cr.) or CHE 308 Environmental Chemistry (3 cr.) or CHE401 Biochemistry I (3 cr.)
  5. MAT131 Quantitative Reasoning in Basic Math (3cr.) or MAT161 Introductory Statistics (3 cr.) or BIO 333 Biostatistics****
  6. MAT 221 Calculus for Life, Management, & Social Sciences I (3cr.) or MAT 224 Calculus I (4 cr.) or MAT 228 Applied Calculus †††
  7. PHY 111 General Physics (4 cr.) or PHY 103 Physics for the Life Sciences I (4cr.) ††††

General Education

The student must complete all required general education categories (approximately 33 credits).

*BIO101 and BIO102 may be taken in any order (i.e., BIO 101 is not the prerequisite for BIO 102) and satisfy departmental major requirements.

** BIO 490 (15 cr.) satisfies Cell Biology (BIO 401, 4 cr.), the Advanced Writing Requirement (BIO 380, 3 cr.), Oral Expression (General Education Skills, 0 cr.), and eight biology elective credits.

*** Note both semesters of Human Anatomy and Physiology must be taken to satisfy the requirement. Four of the eight credits can be used to satisfy biology electives. This is required for AUA 3+4 and UB Pharm.D. program.

**** BIO 333 if used to satisfy item 6 in the cognate requirements cannot also count towards item 10 biology elective credits in the departmental requirements.

† Recommended for 3+4 health programs.

†† Must be replaced with CHE241 and CHE242 for 3+4 health programs.

††† MAT 222 or MAT225 must also be taken for UB Pharm.D. program.

†††† PHY104 must be taken for 3+4 Health programs.

Additional degree requirements: A minimum grade of C is required in all BIO courses. A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 in all major departmental requirements (category A) is required. Note that minimum GPA requirements may be higher for admission to 3+4 programs.

Suggested course of study for 3+4 Pre-Health Majors

(103 credits, including gen. ed.) plus 20 credits transferred from the first year at the professional school to finish with 123 cr.

Freshman Year

Fall Spring
Course Name Credits Course Name Credits
BIO101/102 4.0 cr. BIO101/102 4.0 cr.
CHE111 4.0 cr. CHE112 4.0 cr.
MAT161 3.0 cr. MAT221 3.0 cr.
PSY101 3.0 Cr Gen Ed Elec. 3.cr.
ENG101 3.0 cr. Gen Ed Elec. 3.0 cr.
Total 17.0 Cr. Total 17.0 Cr

Sophomore Year

Fall Spring
Course Name Credits Course Name Credits
BIO203 4.0 Cr. BIO208 3.0 Cr.
BIO Elect. 3.0 Cr. BIO305 4.0 Cr.
CHE241 4.0 Cr. CHE242 4.0 Cr.
PHY103 4.0 Cr. PHY104 4.0 Cr.
LIB105. 1.0 Cr Gen Ed Elec. 3.0 Cr.
Total 16 Cr. Total 18 Cr.

Junior Year

Fall Spring
Course Name Credits Course Name Credits
BIO326 4.0 Cr. BIO327 4.0 Cr.
BIO380 3.0 Cr. BIO401 4.0 Cr.
BIO304 4.0 Cr. BIO Elect. 3.0 Cr.
CHE371 4.0 Cr. Gen Ed Elec. 3.0 Cr.
BIO Elec. 3.0 Cr. Gen Ed Elec. 3.0 Cr.
Total 18.0 Cr. Total 17.0 Cr.
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