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Physician’s Assistant Master’s at Clarkson University Program

Two (2) interview seats will be reserved in each cohort of the Clarkson University Physician Assistant Studies Master’s Program for two (2) designated SUNY Plattsburgh students. If more than two SUNY Plattsburgh students apply to the Physician’s Assistant program in the same year, the two students with the strongest application (based on the application and recommendations from the SUNY Plattsburgh PHPAC) will be recommended by the SUNY Plattsburgh PHPAC for the two reserved interviews in the program. Other applicants beyond two from SUNY Plattsburgh will be considered for admission in the same way as other applicants.

The program has the following requirements:

1. A bachelor’s degree including the following prerequisite courses:

PT Prerequisites
Content Area Course
General Psychology General Psychology (PSY101)
Statistics Statistics (MAT161) or Biostatistics (BIO333)
Social Science ANT/ HIS/ HDF/SOC
Genetics General Genetics (BIO305)
Biology General Biology (BIO101) or other BIO
Microbiology Microbiology (BIO203) or Introduction to Microbiology (BIO202)
(A&P I) Human & Physiology I (BIO326)
(A&P II) Human Anatomy & II (BIO327)
Chemistry General Chemistry I (CHE111) or Organic Chemistry I (CH241)
Chemistry General Chemistry II (CHE112) or Organic Chemistry II (CH242)
  • A grade less than 2.0 (C) is not acceptable for any pre-requisite course
  • Overall GPA for all required pre-requisite courses must be at least a 3.2
  • Overall SUNY Plattsburgh undergraduate GPA must be no less than 3.2

If granted acceptance to the PA Program prior to graduation, that acceptance will be conditional upon completing all pre-requisites, maintaining the required minimum GPA and graduating in good standing (this includes disciplinary action and legal action on or off campus) with a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Plattsburgh.

2. GRE

The applicant will take the GRE exam and report official scores to Clarkson University.

3. Application

Applicants must complete the CASPA (Central Application System for Physician Assistants) application, meeting all deadlines and requirements. To be considered for the fall semester start, the applicant must apply with a verified application by September 20th of their senior year.

4. Interview

The candidate will meet with Clarkson University PA faculty/staff at least twice prior to their interview with the SUNY Plattsburgh Health Science Committee. This may be completed through tele-communication services. A Clarkson University PA representative will be invited to sit with the SUNY Plattsburgh Pre- Health Professions Advisory Committee when they interview a perspective candidate during the candidate’s junior year. Finally, the candidate must have a successful on-campus interview at Clarkson University.

5. Letters of Recommendation

At least one letter of recommendation from a clinician such as (PA, MD, NP, or DO) and a letter of recommendation from the SUNY Plattsburgh Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee, along with a third letter of reference.

6. Experience

All applicants must have a minimum of 500 hours of related health care experience to be completed by the time of admission, with a minimum of 300 hours completed at the time of application. It is required that applicants spend at least one day shadowing/observing a clinically practicing Physician Assistant. A separate Clarkson PA program form must be completed by the PA validating the experience.

7. Deadline

SUNY Plattsburgh students who have met all the standards must complete the application process by September 20th of the year prior to potential admission to the program to be offered a reserved interview in the graduate physician’s assistant studies program.

The Clarkson University PA Studies Program reserves the right of final decision.

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