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Doctor’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Clarkson University Program

A place will be reserved in the Clarkson University DPT Program for two SUNY Plattsburgh students, provided they meet the following standards. If more than two SUNY Plattsburgh students apply to the Physical Therapy program in the same year, the two students with the strongest application (based on the application and recommendations from the SUNY Plattsburgh PHPAC) will be recommended by the SUNY Plattsburgh PHPAC for the two reserved spots in the program. Other applicants beyond two from SUNY Plattsburgh will be considered for admission in the same way as other applicants.

The program has the following requirements:

1. A bachelor’s degree including the following prerequisite courses:

PT Prerequisites
Content Area Course
Biology General Biology (BIO101) with lab
  Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIO326 & 327) with lab
Chemistry General Chemistry (CHE101 & 102) with lab
Math Pre-calculus (MAT102), Calculus for the Life, Management, & Social Sciences I or II (MAT221 or 222)
  Introductory Statistics (MAT 161, BIO33, or PSY206)
Physics Physics for Life Sciences I & II (PHY103 &104) with lab
  or General Physics (PHY111&112) with lab
Psychology General Psychology (PSY101)
  Survey of Human Development (PSY311)
Health Care 2 classes that are relevant to health care (e.g., Sociology of Health Medicine SOC315 or CMM303 - Health Communication)
  • A grade less than 2.0 (C) is not acceptable for any pre-requisite course
  • Overall GPA for all required courses must be at least a 3.20
  • Overall SUNY Plattsburgh undergraduate GPA must be no less than 3.20
  • Graduate in good standing with a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Plattsburgh.

2. Application

All applications to the DPT program must be submitted using the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) (www.ptcas.org). Applications without all required materials will be held until completed, and will not be reviewed until completed. The Department will make an effort to contact applicants whose applications are not complete using the address provided on their application form (if already submitted). It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify the Department of any change of address to ensure continued communication.

3. Interview

Interview with Clarkson PT faculty. The Clarkson faculty will be invited to participate in the SUNY Plattsburgh PHPAC but a separate interview may also be required.

4. Letters of Recommendation

A total of three letters are required, one of which must be from a Physical Therapist. A second letter must come from the SUNY Plattsburgh Health Science Committee.

5. Experience

50 verified hours of observation or volunteer experience in health care activities, of which 35 must be in a physical therapy practice.

6. Deadline

SUNY Plattsburgh students who have met all the standards must complete the application process by October 5th of the year prior to potential admission to the program to be offered a reserved place in the graduate physical therapy professional program.

The Clarkson faculty establishes acceptance criteria consistent with the Mission of Clarkson University and the Department of Physical Therapy. These criteria are reviewed by the faculty each year prior to reviewing applicants for that year. Each application is reviewed, and decision is by faculty consensus. The Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy notifies students of their status. All students are accepted on a conditional basis until all requirements have been met by the student, and documented by the Department. The admissions committee at Clarkson University will make the final decision based on overall strength of the application using program admission standards.

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