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Dr. James Liszka

Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy is relevant to our everyday lives. In some ways it is the most comprehensive study of life. Other disciplines focus on some aspect of the world. Biology studies living things, chemistry, the basic elements of matter and their interactions; astronomy, the laws of celestial bodies. But philosophy addresses issues and questions that help to organize our lives in meaningful ways and provide a direction for good living. I’m particularly interested in how ethics can help us sort out many of our problems and give us proper guidance. Getting a good moral compass is just as important as finding a good career. It’s easy to get lost in the push and pull of all the social forces and pressures that we experience, but having a good guide gives us agency, and allows us to make better choices about what to do and what paths to take. It is better to have a good understanding of these things ahead of what we do, then to do things without such guidance, and live with the consequences of poor choices.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. New School for Social Research
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