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Philosophy Directory


Learn more about Beth DixonBeth Dixon

Office: 306 Champlain Valley Hall
Phone: 518-564-2836
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Beth Dixon

Liszka PhotoJames Liszka

Office: 134B Hawkins Hall
Phone: 518-564-3614
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about James Liszka

No photo availableDonald Maier

Associate Professor and Chair
Office: 305 Champlain Valley Hall
Phone: 518-564-2835
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Donald Maier


Nicole Lagree

Administrative Assistant 1
Office: 224 Champlain Valley Hall
Phone: 518-564-2213
Email: [email protected]

Faculty Emeritus

Learn more about Charles ListCharles List

Professor Emeritus
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Charles List

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