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Philosophy Department

Do you like to think about right and wrong, the human condition, the meaning of life, and human knowledge? Are you looking for a major that will allow you the flexibility to also pursue a variety of intellectual interests?

Are you looking for a liberal arts major that will prepare you for advanced graduate work? Or, are you looking for a liberal arts major that will prepare you for advanced studies leading to a career in law, business, finance, mass media, education or government?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the philosophy program at SUNY Plattsburgh might be the major for you.

Pursue Knowledge & Truth

Philosophy encompasses a broad range of subjects and a wide variety of methodologies. In general, all philosophers pursue knowledge and truth about the world, the good life, human nature, and our relationships to others.

As a philosophy major you can expect to develop analytical and critical skills —skills that are highly prized in both academia and the workplace. By studying philosophical texts and problems, you will learn to think, speak, read and write rigorously and deeply.

Philosophical Subject Areas

Your courses will cover four main philosophical subject areas:

  • History of philosophy
  • Theoretical and applied ethics
  • Contemporary issues about knowledge, mind, consciousness, and reality
  • Principles of logic and logical reasoning
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