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Modern Languages & Culture Placement Exams

Students who wish to take a language course in French, Spanish, German or Italian, or pursue a minor/major in a language that is offered through the Modern Languages and Cultures Department are placed in the following manner:

  • Students who have completed up to two years of a modern language in high school may take language courses at the 111-level.
  • Students who have completed three to four consecutive years of a modern language in high school may take language courses at the 112, 150 or 151 level.

Students who wish to be placed above the level indicated by their high school record or are fluent speakers of the language being pursued may take intermediate college level language courses as determined by their performance on the WebCAPE foreign language placement examination.Students should take the placement examination before coming to Summer Orientation.

WebCAPE Placement Exam Instructions

  • In your internet browser, go to: http://bit.ly/2p88Thx
  • You will need to create an account on WebCAPE:
    • Enter your name, campus email (your plattsburgh.edu email address) and Plattsburgh Banner I.D. number. This is a 9-digit number that you should have received from the Registrar’s Office.
    • Choose a password for this account. Tips for creating secure passwords.
    • Click “Create Account”to access the exam.
  • The first screen is a practice item. After that, you will begin the exam.
  • Your placement score will be displayed at the end of the exam. Be sure to click on “Finished” to send a copy of this information to Plattsburgh.
  • If you receive an error indicating “too many connections,” please refresh the page and continue working. If necessary, you can log into the exam again and follow the directions near the button labeled ‘Resume’ on the identity/survey page.
  • Please note: There is a 24-hour delay for this score to show up in the SUNY Plattsburgh system. Therefore, we recommend taking the exam at least a few days prior to orientation. Your results will appear on your Degree Works record for advisement purposes.

Continuing students who wish to take the placement exam should contact the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at ext. 3829.

Please note: Students receive zero (0) credits for satisfying these requirements through the placement exam.

Credit-bearing Exams

Students who desire credit for their foreign language proficiency should arrange to take one of the following exams. For dates, time, and location, please contact the Office of Academic Advising at (518) 564-2080.

  1. The CLEP Exam (College-Level Examination Program), which offers up to 12 credits, can be taken in French, German or Spanish.

  2. Students who desire credit in languages other than French, German, Spanish, or Italian should take the NYU Exam (New York University Exam), which is available in 53 languages and also offers up to 12 credits.

MLC Courses Offered

  1. FRE/GER/SPA/ITA/ARA 111 is strictly for beginners, or for students with no more than 2 years of high school language knowledge.

  2. FRE/GER/SPA/ITA/ARA 112 should only be taken by students who have passed 111. Successful completion of level 112 satisfies SUNY Plattsburgh’s GE5 Foreign Language requirement. It also satisfies the one-year foreign language requirement for Education majors.

  3. FRE/SPA 150 is for those with three years of high school French or Spanish, or the equivalent in life experience. FRE/SPA 150 covers material equivalent to FRE/SPA 111 and FRE/SPA 112 combined.  Successful completion of FRE/SPA 150 satisfies the GE5 Foreign Language requirement. It also satisfies the one-year foreign language requirement for Education majors. (Please note: There is no GER 150 equivalent; students should take GER 112.)

  4. FRE/GER/SPA 213 is a second-year course, normally reserved for those who have passed level 112 or 150, or for those with at least four years of high school French, German, or Spanish. Placement into 213 can be accomplished through the Placement Exam or through the CLEP or NYU exams.

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