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Prepare for a career in cytotechnology or medical technology

Get help with internship opportunities, career planning and finding scholarships.

Cytotechnology & Medical Technology Advising

The cytotechnology major is not currently accepting applications.

Appointments for Advising

Competency Exam Schedule

  • Mathematics Competency Exam/Calculus Readiness Test (or pass MAT 102): All students must take and pass a calculus readiness test if you want to enroll in MAT 221, 224 or 228. If you fail to pass the test, you must take MAT 102 – precalculus. If you have college credit for precalculus, you may enroll directly in the calculus course without taking the readiness test. However, if transfer credit is not posted, you will need to be provided an override by the department chair. If you wish to take MAT 224 or 228 you must also pass MAT 104 – trigonometry.
  • Library Proficiency Exam: Register for the exam.

Scholarships & Careers

Suggested Course Sequences

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