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Dr. Salvador Gutierrez

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Professor Gutierrez was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He entered the Universidad Anahuac, a private college, in the actuarial science program. He became an actuary and worked several years in different companies doing pension fund valuations and operations research. Later on, he became interested in “General Systems Theory,” getting an M.Sc. in Advanced Technology at SUNY-Binghamton, working with Dr. George J. Klir. At that time he had the opportunity to work for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. He then went back to Mexico and there was a time when he was simultaneously a professor at the Instituto Tecnologico de Morelia, a consultant for Banco de Mexico FIRA, and an entrepreneur owning a school.

He obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science in CIMAT (Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas, A.C.), a very special place enclaved in the sierra in Guanajuato, Mexico, where researchers from all over the world meet to work and teach. Following his Ph.D. he spent two years as a postdoc in the MERS Lab (Microwave Earth Remote Sensing Laboratory) of Brigham Young University (B.Y.U.), after which he spent a year as a visiting professor in B.Y.U.’s Computer Science Department. Professor Gutierrez has published on different topics ranging from stereo vision, to fuzzy sets and remote sensing.

For enjoyment Salvador likes playing classical guitar music, running and drawing cartoons. His favorite hobby is mathematics!

  • Education
    • Post Doctoral Studies in the MERS Lab (Microwave Earth Remote Sensing Laboratory), Brigham Young University
    • Ph.D. in Computer Science, CIMAT (Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas, A.C.)
    • M.Sc. in Advanced Technology, SUNY Binghamton
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