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Robin Goret

Visiting Lecturer of Communications

Robin Goret

Robin Goret is a visiting lecturer in the Communication Studies Department. She teaches courses in public speaking, media and society, criticism of news media, propaganda, and fundamentals of the media. She holds a B.S. in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in mass communication from New York University. Later, she went on to obtain two M.A.’s at San Diego State University, one in communication (mass communication and media studies) and the other in theater arts. She began teaching at San Diego State University while pursuing her first M.A., teaching media writing labs, media research labs, media and culture, media and sexuality, media and women, media and audiences and media convergence emerging uses, which focused on the entrepreneurial future of the media industry.

Robin has worked as a professional performing artist for most of her life, having done theatrical tours through the United States and Europe. In addition, Robin has been a theatrical producing, producing mini-contract and showcase code productions in New York City and 99-seat waiver contract and special production theatrical contracts in Los Angeles.

Robin has also worked as a communication consultant, drafting press releases, producing content for webinars and training programs and copy-editing for Western Journal of Communication and Communication Reports.

Robin has co-authored two book chapters, with her thesis chair and mentor, Dr. Bill Eadie:  Theories and models of communication: Foundations and heritage. In Cobley, P. & Schultz, P.J. (eds.). Handbook of communication science: Theories and models of communication (pp. 17-36); and Publications. In Scott, C. R., Lewis, L., Barker, J. R., Keyton, J., Kuhn, T., & Turner P. K. (Eds.), The International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication (pp. 1993–2004).

Robin’s research interests in communication range from the history of the communication discipline, soap operas and their audiences, media psychology and media effects and in theater — on marketing performers, using social media effectively for increased audience engagement and using theater as a method of conflict resolution.


  • M.A. Theater Arts, School of Theater, Television and Film, San Diego State University
  • M.A., Communication (Mass Communication and Media Studies), School of Journalism & Media Studies, San Diego State University
  • B.S., Communication Studies (emphasis Mass Communication), Steinhardt School of Education, Culture and Human Development, New York University
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