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Chemistry & Biochemistry Club

Watch for our on-campus flyers for meeting dates and times.

Welcome to the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club page at SUNY Plattsburgh. The Chemistry & Biochemistry Club is a place where students can get together with a common interest, chemistry, biochemistry or a love of science! You do not have to be a chemistry major to be a member; all you need is an interest in science.

This year we hope to have panel discussions on the following topics:

  • the different sub-specialties of chemistry and biochemistry
  • applying for internships
  • getting into grad school
  • careers in chemistry and biochemistry
  • research topics…and so much more!

We work closely with the faculty of the chemistry department, so joining can be a great networking tool as well. In the past, members have used the resources of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club to find internships and links to graduate education.

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Club is a great place to find friends with similar career goals and interest that can help you plan for your future. So take an hour out of your week and come see if the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club is the place for you!

Students and faculty get together for a Thursday afternoon Chemistry & Biochemistry Club meeting.

Our Officers this Year:

  • Nana Danyansah, President
  • Oghale Obaro-Best, Vice-President
  • Tania Ruhumbika, Secretary
  • Tyra McKnight, Treasurer

Have a question for the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club Advisor?

Contact Rajesh Sunasee at: [email protected] Or stop by his office at 223 Hudson Hall.

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