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TEL Self-Service Resources for Faculty

You’ve got this.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge or a reminder to help get back on track. We are here to help.

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) unit maintains a collection of resources through Moodle, the college's learning management system, that are available to faculty, staff and students with Plattsburgh login credentials, depending on the topics covered.

Resource Sites in Moodle

Moodle Site Developer’s Area

This site serves as a clearinghouse for documentation specific to Moodle for faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh, along with a “Working from Moodle” forum in which faculty are encouraged to post questions, comments and observations. If you “subscribe” to the forum, you'll get copies of all messages posted there emailed to you. Other topics include:

  • Notes about the most recent upgrade
  • Accessibility
  • Common tasks
  • Uncommon tasks

Visit Moodle Site Developer’s Area

Moodle Activities Demonstration Site

Faculty page that includes examples of how various Moodle components look to students.

Visit Moodle Activities Demonstration Site

Classroom Management Using Zoom

This Moodle site provides faculty with various resources for hosting a Zoom meeting as a way to simulate a face-to-face (f2f) class. As with all our Moodle sites, it features a forum through which faculty are invited with their peers to pose questions, communicate, organize practice sessions or reflect on their experiences.

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Moodle Practice Course

The Moodle Practice Course is accessible from the Resources tab in Moodle and allows students to experience Plattsburgh’s learning management system in a “no stakes” environment. Students may participate in forums, take a practice quiz, upload an assignment and ask TEL staff questions. Faculty may also benefit by experiencing Moodle from the student’s perspective.

Enroll in the Moodle Practice Course

Video Production for Students, Faculty & Staff

This “virtual workshop” focuses on providing quick-start video production skills — not in real time, but on demand in an asynchronous, online venue. Students, faculty and staff can use it to learn the basics of video production from scriptwriting to screen presence and from shooting to editing a video. A section is devoted to introducing the One Button Studio, providing instructions on its use and allowing faculty, staff and students to reserve time. Faculty can also refer students to the site as a way of providing them with the skills necessary to complete video-based projects.

Enroll in Video Production for Students, Faculty and Staff

Creating & Presenting Posters & Infographics

A “virtual workshop” designed for students in any discipline that provides curated tutorials on:

  • How to create effective presentation posters
  • Resources and branded templates
  • Options for printing and mounting the final poster, with advice for delivering
  • Examples of effective presentations

We invite faculty to link to the workshop from their Moodle course page as a resource for students.

Enroll in Creating and Presenting Posters and Infographics

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