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Telecommunications Information for Students

Student Telephone Service

The Telecommunications Office offers landline service to students upon request. Please note that students are required to bring their own telephones from home!


  • Installation: $170.00 per academic school year
  • Local Calls: FREE
  • Long Distance Calls: $05 per minute
  • International Calls: Contact the Telecommunications Office for international rates.
  • Cost to Move service to another room: $88.00

Please note there is a waiting period of up to 5–10 business days for installation from the point that we receive your completed contract and a receipt for payment from Student Accounts. Additionally, services are not prorated and are non-refundable.

Please note that International cell phone calls may be charged at a higher rate than the standard rate.

To apply for telephone service please fill out the Student Telephone Contract form.

Telephone System/Features

The Telecommunications Office provides all on-campus students with true CALL WAITING and CALLER ID at no additional charge. Please note that in order to take advantage of the Caller ID feature; you will need a capable telephone.

  • Dial tone will be provided once a contract and payment has been received but TELEPHONES WILL NOT BE SUPPLIED by SUNY Plattsburgh. Students are expected to bring their own telephones from home. Cordless telephones will work in the residence halls, but please be aware that cordless telephone users within the residence halls have experienced interferences, cross talk, and others users may be able to listen in on your conversation.

Personal Billing Number (PBN)

A Personal Billing Number (PBN) is a seven-digit access code that is necessary for placing all off-campus telephone calls. Residence hall students are assigned their own individual PBN. PBN’s may be used from any campus location and are not necessary to place on campus and emergency 911 calls. Your PBN and instructions for its use will be issued to you during residence hall check-in.

Using Your PBN to Place Calls

On-Campus Calls

  • To call a University telephone from another University telephone:
    • Dial 4-digit extension number — NO PBN IS NECESSARY

Off-Campus Calls

  • To call a local off-campus number from a University telephone:
    • Dial 8 + number to be called + PBN
  • To place a long distance call from a University telephone:
    • Dial 8 + 1 + area code + number to be called + PBN
  • To place a toll free call from a University telephone:
    • Dial 8 + 1 + toll free number + PBN (there is no charge for toll free calls)
  • To place an international call from a University telephone:
    • Dial 8 + 011 + country code + city code + number to be called + # key + PBN
  • To place an operator-assisted* call from a University telephone:
    • Dial 8 + 0 + area code + number to be called + PBN, wait for carrier bong, and enter credit card #

* Collect calls, credit card calls, person-to-person calls. It should be noted that all operator-assisted calls incur an additional surcharge that is added to toll charges.

Calling Areas

Long distance includes continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. The local calling area of Plattsburgh includes the towns of Chazy, Dannemora, Lyon Mountain, Ellenburg Depot, Peru, Saranac, and west Chazy.

International Calling Rates

International calling rates are subject to change. For information about international calling rates, please stop by our office. Please note that calls made to an international cellular telephone number may result in a higher cost per minute rate than what is stated.)

Telephone/Equipment Information

Students will be responsible for providing their own telephones in their residence hall rooms. Generally, any telephone from home will work with our system. Cordless telephones will work in the residence halls, but please be advised that there may be interferences, cross talk, and other callers may be able to listen in on your conversation. (Please note that there is only ONE telephone jack per room.)

The telephone jack is considered part of the contents of each residence hall room. If a telephone jack is damaged to the extent that it is unusable, the occupants of that room will be billed and charged an equal portion of the replacement cost.

To Receive Messages

There is no campus-provided Voice Mail Service. If you wish to receive messages when you are away from your dorm room, you will need to bring an answering machine from home.

Additional Services

Enhanced 911

The college has enhanced 911, which alerts Clinton County Emergency Services of the location of the campus telephone used to dial 911. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that each student/residence hall room has a landline telephone. Be aware that using a cellular telephone to call 911 from your residence hall room will delay and may even prevent an emergency response due to the accuracy of the information obtained through the cellular service.

Billing Information

In order to obtain a paper copy of your monthly telephone bill you must submit a written request for this service. Telephone bills will be produced on or around the 21st of each month. The payment due date is the 15th of each month. Students must complete a Miscellaneous Service and Information Form if they would like to have their telephone bill summary mailed home.

Payments may be made online through the Telweb system or by cash, check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express or Cardinal Cash at the Student Accounts Office on the first floor of Kehoe. All checks should be made payable to: Plattsburgh State Telecommunications Office, and should include the student’s Banner ID number and campus telephone number.

Due to the Buckley Amendment, the Telecommunications Office is unable to release telephone account information to parent(s)/guardian(s), unless permission to do so has been authorized by the student. To authorize permission the student must sign and complete Part 1 of the Miscellaneous Service & Information form.

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