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Making Calls

Guide to Making Calls

On-Campus Calling

Dial the 4-digit extension.

Local/Regional Calling (within 518 area code)

Dial 8 - number - PBN.

Long Distance Calling

Dial 8 - 1 - number (area code first) - PBN.

Toll Free Calling

Dial 8 - 1 - toll free number - PBN. There is no charge for toll free calls. Calling cards must have a toll free number (888, 800, 877, etc) or charges will be double-billed. This is typically a problem with international calling cards.

International Calling

Dial 8 - 0 1 1 - country code - city code - number - # - PBN. There may be a brief period of silence while the call is connecting.

Operator-Assisted Calling

Dial 8 - 0 - area code - number - PBN. Wait for carrier tone, and enter credit card number. Please note that collect calls, credit card calls, and person-to-person calls incur an additional surcharge which is added to toll charges.

Emergency Calling

Dial 911. No PBN is required. If you accidentally dial 911, stay on the line and tell the operator that it was a mistake.

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