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Telecommunications services are managed by campus Network Operations (Net-Ops). We provide service and support for the college’s voice-communications infrastructure. 

Telecommunications Services

Personal Billing Numbers for Employees

  • Requests for a Personal Billing Number (PBN) — To request a Personal Billing Number, please stop by our office. If that is not possible, your supervisor can fax your request to us.
  • Changing a PBN — If you lose your PBN or suspect that it may have been stolen, please come to the telecommunications office during regular business hours so that we can issue you a new one.
  • Canceling PBN Service — To terminate service, we require a written request. The employee’s department should notify us if an employee is leaving employment but it is the employee’s responsibility to submit a disconnect request for a PBN in writing.

Telephone Problems

If there is trouble with a departmental line, call our office at 518-564-7975. Inform us of the extension number that is having the problem and provide a detailed description of the problem. We will then work to resolve the problem. Most problems are resolved on the same day they are reported, but some problems may require more time to resolve.

Changing Telephone Service

To move, add, delete or upgrade a telephone line, complete the Telephone Service Request form. Please be detailed when filling out a service request and be sure to leave contact information. Completed requests may be faxed, mailed, or dropped off to the Telecommunications Office. Depending on the complexity, requests may take up to ten business days.

Voicemail Services

Voicemail is available for all telephone extensions on campus. Please contact the Telecommunications Office for all your service needs related to voicemail.

Request Service & Support

For service and support, contact us via the Helpdesk. Your inquiry will be routed quickly to the appropriate tech team. 

Campus location: Feinberg Library, room 107
Phone: 518-564-4433
Toll Free: 800-787-8773
Email: [email protected]

For general inquiries:

Phone: 518-564-7975
Toll Free: 877-493-0247
Fax: 518-564-7986
Email: [email protected]

Regular office hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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