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Telecommunications Information for Faculty & Staff

Requesting a Personal/Business PBN

To request a Personal Billing Number, please stop by our office. If that is not possible, your supervisor can fax a request for a PBN to us. Calls made from a business PBN can be charged to a departmental account, and calls made from a personal PBN will be billed directly to the employee.

Billing Adjustments

All calls that are placed with a business PBN are assumed to be business-related, and are charged to the employee’s department. The bill for that account should be reviewed by the supervisor to ensure that all calls being charged to the department are business-related. If a personal PBN is accidentally used to make a business call (or vice-versa), please call us at x7975 to correct the error.

Changing a PBN

If you lose your PBN or suspect that it may have been stolen, please come to the Telecommunications Office during regular business hours, so that we can issue you a new one.

Canceling PBN Service

To terminate service, we require a written request. The employee’s department should notify us if an employee is leaving the campus, but it is the employee’s responsibility to submit a disconnect request for a PBN in writing.

Telephone Problems

If there is trouble on a departmental line, call our office at x7975. Be sure you know the extension number that is having the problem, and a detailed description of the problem. A trouble ticket will be completed and a technician will work to resolve the problem. Most problems are resolved on the same day they are reported, but some problems may require up to five business days to repair.

Changing Telephone Service

To move, add, delete or upgrade a telephone line, complete the Telephone Service Request form. Please note that there is a charge attached to most service requests, and approval is required from both the department head and the appropriate Dean. Please be detailed when filling out a service request, and be sure to leave contact information. Completed requests may be faxed, mailed, or dropped off. Depending on the complexity, requests may take up to ten business days.

Refund Checks

Employees may request, in writing, to receive a refund check if they are still actively employed but no longer wish to use their personal account. (Please note that refund checks may take up to 4–6 weeks for processing and to be mailed out.) Checks will not be issued for credit balances under $5.01.

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