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Blue Light Phones

Photo of a blue light phone at night along the Saranac River Trail In response to issues relating to public safety on college campuses, Telecommunications and University Police provide emergency blue light phones. When activated, these phones will immediately dial University Police, and a car will be dispatched to the location. Blue light phones are located:

  • Underneath Feinberg Library, outside of the Learning Center
  • Parking lot J, in front of the Myers Fine Arts Building
  • Hudson Hall, corner of Beekman and Brinkerhoff St.
  • Rugar St, in front of Champlain Valley Hall
  • Parking lot 7, behind Sibley Hall
  • Behind Kent Hall
  • Harrington/Macdonough roadway
  • Field House roadway
  • Kehoe, fron entrance
  • Macdonough Hall, next to the tennis courts

In addition to the free-standing blue light phones, all residence halls and most other buildings have courtesy phones located in the entrances. These phones are equipped with an “emergency” button, which functions in the same way as a blue light phone. All blue light phones are tested on a daily basis.

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