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Remote Network Access for Contractors

A process to help to ensure network security

In May of 2017, we changed the way we grant network access to campus IT resources that are managed by vendors and contractors. Our process is to grant network access through individual user accounts for each person performing services on behalf of their employer/business. We do not grant access by way of generic access accounts.

The process enables us to provide better accountability and reduce risk of unauthorized access.

Information for Contractors and Vendors

We invite you to read and download our information sheet.

Information for Campus Employees Operating as Contacts

Every contractor/vendor needing access to IT services must have a Campus Contact. The role of the contact is to help ensure that campus resources are protected as much as possible and to prevent damages.

Contact Communication Responsibilities:

Campus Contacts are responsible for contacting the Helpdesk regarding the items listed below. Helpdesk staff will then inform the appropriate LITS staff.

  • Requests for initial access for new Vendor/Contractor
  • Requests for changes in access (Add/Delete/Modify Privileges)
  • Information Security Review needs for additional access
  • Systems tasks (e.g., Add/Disable Accounts, Add/Disable/Change Access to Servers)
  • Network Tasks (e.g., Firewall changes, removal of Firewall rules)
  • Dates when Vendor/Contractor agreements expire
Additional Contact Responsibilities:
  • Contact the Director of Management Services when setting conditions on Terms of Service
  • Ensure each individual person with access also accepts campus Responsible Use of Technology Policy
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