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Zoom Video Conferencing

SUNY Plattsburgh uses Zoom as the preferred video conferencing tool. Our solution allows you to record locally to your computer and upload to YouTube for quick access to videos or use Zoom’s cloud recording feature to send to your Google Drive.

Getting Started

To get started with Zoom you simply need to login and start using the service! Its as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Login

Login to Zoom via https://plattsburgh.zoom.us directly, or the link on the MyPlattsburgh Portal.

If you are using the Zoom desktop tool it is available it will automatically prompt you to install when starting your first meeting. When logging into the Zoom Desktop client or mobile app, you must choose SSO or Google as the authentication type and enter your SUNY Plattsburgh email address. If prompted for a domain, use “plattsburgh.zoom.us”

2. Schedule a Meeting

Set your meeting time and choose your parameters. Zoom will provide you with a link and some details (including call-in phone numbers) that you can copy and paste into an email to invite people to your meeting.

3. Join Your Meeting

Login to the Zoom web interface, Desktop Client, or a mobile application and go to the “Meetings” tab and select “Start” to start your meeting. Watch the 30 minute “How to Use Zoom” video below for more information on getting started and for Plattsburgh specific information.

COVID-19 Updates

With the COVID-19 pandemic under way, we plan to keep this page updated with the most current information as it becomes available to us. Many Zoom users have noticed their cloud recordings are taking a long time. Zoom acknowledges that their system is currently being hit with heavy loads and they are working to increase their performance. For more up-to-date information on this issue, you can visit Zoom’s status page.


Recording Locally and Uploading to YouTube

This short video (under 10 minutes) will show you how to quickly get started adding Zoom to Moodle, creating a recurring meeting, and starting that meeting with a local recording. When complete, we upload the video to YouTube and attach it to our Moodle course. This is the best option for immediate access to your video.

Click here for downloadable and/or printable PDF instructions on creating a video and uploading it to YouTube from Technology Enhanced Learning.

Using Your Personal Meeting ID without a License

You can use your Zoom personal meeting ID with unschedule meetings (on-demand or “no set time” meetings) that will NOT take up a Zoom license. These meetings can have either up to 3 participants and go on for up to 8-hours, or up to 300 participants and be capped at 45-minutes. These meetings can also be “locked” so you can have a private conversation with advisees or 1-on-1 meetings with students. This short video displays how you can use your Personal Meeting ID.

Recording to the Cloud

We have more comprehensive instructions that show the usage of Zoom, including its Cloud Recording feature that will copy the recordings directly to your Google Drive “Zoom Recordings” folder. This option takes a bit longer for your videos to be processed, but there is no YouTube requirement. This option is the only option when recording on a mobile device (like iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or Android tablet) as well as Chromebooks.

This YouTube playlist breaks down a larger 45 minute comprehensive Zoom video into shorter increments.

Note: Earlier workshops indicated that meetings scheduled through the Moodle LTI plugin were automatically set to record to the cloud. To allow for instructors to choose their preferred option of “local” or “cloud” recording, we turned this automatic recording feature off.

Licensing Information

SUNY Plattsburgh’s implementation of Zoom has two tiers of users; Basic and Licensed.


By default, everybody with an active account at SUNY Plattsburgh has a license as a “Basic” Zoom user. Basic accounts can do almost anything of a regular account, but with a few restrictions. The two main restrictions are:

  • Though basic users can host meetings with up to 100 participants, meetings that have 3 or more participants join will be limited to 40 minutes.
  • Basic users cannot utilize the Cloud Recording feature; though they can record meetings locally to their computer.


The above restrictions are lifted for Licensed users. Because Faculty and Staff will often being hosting meetings with more than 3 participants we have implemented a rolling license solution. We have a group of licenses (that can be easily increased dynamically if need be) that are automatically applied to Faculty or Staff based on scheduled meetings. How are these licenses applied?

  • Every 5 minutes a process runs that checks all Faculty/Staff Zoom users to see if they have any meetings scheduled to start in the next 30 minutes. If there is a meeting scheduled, their account will be licensed.
  • The account will remain licensed while an active Zoom session is going on and until 15 minutes after the meeting ends, or when Cloud Recordings are ready, whichever comes later.
  • Therefore, if a meeting is scheduled, but is started late, as a host, the account will still remain licensed for up to 15 minutes after the meeting was scheduled to start. If 15 minutes goes by and a meeting was failed to be started, the account will fall back to Basic.

The above restrictions are related to "host" features. That is, features that you use as the host of a meeting. You can use your SUNY Plattsburgh Zoom account to join unlimited Zoom meetings that others’ host; whether they are a affiliated with SUNY Plattsburgh or not.

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