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Service Management System

Serving you better with ServiceNow

Library and Information Technology Services uses the cloud-based IT service management system​ called ServiceNow. This system handles all of the Helpdesk tickets that you submit.

ServiceNow boosts our ability to manage our numerous and expanding set of campus services. It also helps us to make improvements and, most importantly, to better serve the needs of the campus community.

Get assistance with ServiceNow

  • What’s New?

    You might notice that ServiceNow has some differences compared with the former Helpdesk management system; these include

    • Return email address: The new system will be sending emails from “@service-now.com” instead of “@helpsuite.plattsburgh.edu”
    • Embedded links: Links in emails you receive from the system will point to https://suny.service-now.com/ instead of https://helpsuite.plattsburgh.edu/
    • Terminology: The system will classify Helpdesk calls or submissions as Incidents (recording something that is broken) and Requests (recording something new or which is requested to be changed).
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