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Room Scheduling Software

             SUNY Plattsburgh will be utilizing a new room scheduling software beginning in December. Booked Scheduler (Booking) is an open source scheduling software that will provide a stop gap between the end of life for our R25 installation and a more permanent solution.

             The location of the software will be at https://booking.plattsburgh.edu and https://schedule.plattsburgh.edu. The site is accessible from on campus only. To login simply visit the URL where you may be asked to authenticate using our CAS authentication page. If you are already authenticated to another system like Moodle or Banner then you may not see the authentication page.

Once you are logged in you be greeted with a basic schedule page. The default page is a view of rooms in the Angell College Center. Along the top of the page you’ll notice a menu with options for account management, schedule information, help and signing out. Additionally there is a dashboard link that provides access to a more personalized, though somewhat unused view.

Schedule Page

To search for an event you can use the Schedule page by accessing the dropdown at the top of the page (you may need to scroll up a bit). This dropdown will show a list of schedules (effectively buildings). Each schedule contains a number of resources (rooms). As in the example above, reservations are plotted on the table with rooms along the left column and hours across the top. This is the basic view of the schedule page. Additionally there is a filter along the left side of the table that can be used to locate resources based on specific criteria.

By selecting the Resource Calendar view from the Schedule dropdown you are presented with all events for the month. Please note that you will want to change the dropdown at the top of the screen from All Reservations as it will take a very long time to present all room reservations on the page. The example to the right shows the Angell College Center schedule. The Resource Calendar view can show a Schedule or an individual resource. Buildings like 102 Broad show up as both a schedule and a resource and therefore are duplicated in the dropdown.

Resource Calendar View

Some options are unavailable to all users as they are only necessary for schedulers and administrators. Notably, Find A Time and Search Reservations in the schedule dropdown are designed to be used in an open scheduling system where all users request reservations. Those two options may not work as expected.

Reservation Search View

It is recommended to clear the User field in the Search Reservations page to find all events. The example to the right shows the search results for “all” reservations. You’ll want to use the search criteria options to narrow the results to more manageable levels. The search limits the results to about 100.

On the resource calendar you can hover over the event to see more information. Additionally you can click on an event and see the information and add the event to a Google calendar or the My Calendar under the schedule dropdown.

Hover Resource View

Below is an example of what a reservation page looks like. 

Reservation Details View

If you wish to request a space all such request should be emailed to [email protected].

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