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Tools for Remote Teaching, Learning & Working

Remote learning can help faculty delve deeply into how their students learn and engage with instructional materials. With the right tools, remote learning can assist faculty in prioritizing interactions with students, enabling necessary course adjustments.

And — whether due to an emergency, inclement weather, or a scheduled absence — it can help provide all-important continuity or recover lost class time.

COVID-19 Information

In addition to information for remote work and teaching, this page includes relevant COVID-19 updates. The table below identifies the resources we have available for remote work and teaching.

Information About Internet Service Providers

SUNY Online provides information about internet service providers that have released data caps and are offering unlimited plans for customers at no cost.

Free & Low-Cost Internet Resources

Teaching Faculty

Faculty who are teaching remotely should maintain a Moodle presence. Most students on campus will be turning to Moodle to find instructional materials, online forums, assignments, quizzes and other activities. For a quick introduction to Moodle, faculty should review the Moodle: Bare Essentials for Remote Instruction site.

Further Moodle documentation, along with a faculty forum, is available in the Moodle Site Developers’ area.

Faculty may direct questions regarding Moodle or online instruction to Technology Enhanced Learning at [email protected] A listing of current faculty workshop offerings can be found on Technology Enhanced Learn’s Workshops page.

The tasks listed below can all be linked or launched within your class Moodle site — that site should be the hub of all of your remote instruction activities. 

Tasks Tool(s) More Information
Readings, URLs, Assignments, Discussion Forums, Quizzes, Messaging, Chat
  • Moodle

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, a course site has been created for you in Moodle if you haven’t already made one

Lecture Recording (asynchronous)
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • PowerPoint and YouTube

Please ensure that recorded presentations are captioned and subsequently made available to your class in your Moodle course site.


Lectures (synchronous), Real-Time Conferencing, Advising, Tutoring
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Cardinal Cloud Email
  • Google Meet / Hangouts Meet

Not all students will be able to take part in real-time lectures. Please ensure that any real-time sessions are recorded and that the captioned video is made available to the class in your Moodle course site.

Remotely Connecting to your Campus Computer
  • Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Instruction Resources


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