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Your NetID and Password FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: Your NetID and Password

Why Do I Need An Account?

To access many electronic services at SUNY Plattsburgh, you need an account. Learn more.

What is my NetID?

Your NetID is a name or username that uniquely identifies you. It is used in combination with a password, which should only be known to you, to gain access to key services. The NetID used to be called your "LDAP" account or your "domain" account.

How do I find my NetID?

To find out your NetID, use this web form.

Can I use my SUNY Plattsburgh NetID to access Banner?

Yes. It’s required.

How can I find or change my SUNY Plattsburgh password?

To change your password, go to the Account Management page. Log-in with your current SUNY Plattsburgh NetID and password, then follow the instructions on the screen. Note: passwords are case-sensitive.

Forgot Your Password? If you have set a security phrase in Banner, you can find your password online. If you haven’t set a securty phrase, you can still reset your password by going to our Password Reset Self-Service page. Or, you may visit the Helpdesk on the first floor of Feinberg Library. Be sure to bring a student ID or other form of picture identification.

What services can be accessed with my SUNY Plattsburgh NetID?

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