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Your NetID & Password FAQs

Why Do I Need An Account?

To access many electronic services at SUNY Plattsburgh, you need an account. Learn more.

What is my NetID?

Your NetID is a name or username that uniquely identifies you. It is used in combination with a password, which should only be known to you, to gain access to key services. The NetID used to be called your “LDAP” account or your “domain” account. View log in information.

How do I find my NetID?

To find out your NetID, use this web form.

Can I use my SUNY Plattsburgh NetID to access Banner?

Yes. It’s required.

How can I find or change my SUNY Plattsburgh password?

To change your password, go to the account management page. Log in with your current SUNY Plattsburgh NetID and password, then follow the instructions on the screen. Note: passwords are case-sensitive.

Forgot your password? If you have set a security phrase in Banner, you can find your password online. If you haven’t set a security phrase, you can still reset your password by going to our Password Reset Self-Service page. Or, you may visit the Helpdesk on the first floor of Feinberg Library. Be sure to bring a student ID or other form of picture identification.

What services can be accessed with my SUNY Plattsburgh NetID?

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