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Duo 2FA Frequently Asked Questions

To help fight against frequent account compromises and unauthorized access to various accounts SUNY Plattsburgh has adopted  Duo Two-Factor Authentication for its active user accounts.

Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account log-in. When you have to enter only your username and password, its considered a single factor of authentication. With two-factor, it requires a second authentication type before being able to access your account. There are three main factors of authentication. Your username and password is the widely known opion that most folks use. This is one factor: "something you know" to prove you are who you say you are. Another example of this would be a PIN number. A second factor is "something you have", for instance an ATM card, or in the case with Duo, your mobile device! 2FA or MFA (two-factor or multi-factor authentcation) is requiring two (or multiple) of the three types.  

Duo has a lot of useful information for individuals whose organizations are adopted Duo Two-Factor Authentication. Visit guide.duo.com to review all the helpful information they have to offer.

Still have questions? We have put together a list of useful videos from Duo and our own answers to frequently asked questions to assist you in getting started with Duo and managing your account.

Helpful Videos from Duo

Frequently Asked Questions

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