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Writing Tutoring

Learning Center writing tutors are students of all majors who are here to support you while you develop your ideas, learn how to cite your sources, discover revising strategies and point you in the right direction on picking a topic. You don’t even have to bring in a paper — you can bring in questions about grammar or theses, presentations, lab reports and beyond.

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Meet Some of the Writing Tutors

photo of young woman in an orange sweater with blonde hairName: Nina Serafini
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Area of Study: English writing arts, language arts, and literature
Favorite punctuation mark: The colon: For when you have more to say but, lord, that is going to be a run-on sentence.
The greatest TV show on the planet is: Everybody Loves Raymond or Cheers, simply cannot pick between the two. They’re my comfort shows.
Hobbies: Writing, reading (appropriate, you know, considering my majors), watching football, listening to music, obsessively planning and organizing everything I can in my life (you know, just the basics).

Portrait of Laura BatistaName: Laura Batista
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Area of Study: Studio art
Favorite punctuation mark: The comma, so simple, so versatile 
The greatest TV show on the planet is: I have no clue, I go through phases! BoJack Horseman’s really good. Hadestown makes me weep.
Hobbies: Walking, listening to podcasts and musicals, cooking and binge-watching whatever currently piques my interest!


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