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The Academic Advising Process

Academic advising is an important part of your college experience. Advisors assist you in routine matters such as course selection and understanding academic policies. Advisors can also provide expert insight, guidance on opportunities in your major, and mentoring as you start your career.

Find Your Academic Advisor

Every matriculated student is assigned an academic advisor in their major.

Meet with Your Advisor

It is important to get to know your advisor. Consult with your advisor on a regular basis. You should meet with your advisor at the following times:

  • During the 2-week “Course Advisement Period” (more information below)
  • If you have a question about a degree requirement or college policy
  • When you are making changes to your current or planned schedule
  • If you have academic difficulty or something new is affecting your academic performance

Prepare for Course Advisement

“Course Advisement Period” occurs during the full two weeks after midterm grades are issued. YOU must visit or phone your advisor’s office to learn about their advisement procedures and appointment sign up schedule. Do not wait until the last day of advisement to inquire about an appointment. Prepare for your meeting by:

  • Printing your Degree Works audit and reviewing it for requirements not fulfilled (indicated by a red box and the words “still needed”);
  • Searching the Master Schedule of Courses on Banner to find classes that fulfill your requirements; 
  • Making a tentative schedule of courses for the next semester (complete with CRNs, days, times); and
  • Preparing a list of questions or concerns you’d like to talk about — anything from when a course will be offered next to future career plans.

Benefits of Academic Advisement

By preparing in advance, and meeting with your advisor, you receive:

  • An “OK” that your course selections are appropriate, on track, and in the correct sequence
  • An assessment of your progress toward degree completion (e.g., # of credits so far, which GenEds remain)
  • Assistance with examining your academic values, personal interests, and career goals
  • Your Registration PIN that you need to access “priority registration” on Banner for the next semester!

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