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Print, Scan, & Photocopy in Feinberg Library


Feinberg’s Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC) will super-save your time. This service enables you to scan documents at high speed, without damage, and save them in a variety of electronic formats. What's more, it's free!

Designed especially for university libraries, the KIC kiosk is a walk-up color digitization scanning system for excerpts from books and other materials up to 24 x 17 inches. Save your scans to your USB flash drive or e-mail them directly to the account of your choosing. Find the KIC units on all levels of Feinberg Library.

Flat-bed scanners are located conveniently on level two in the Reference Room, connected to computers for easy printing. The KIC machine on level two also has scanning capability. A flat-bed scanner by the KIC is available, but is not connected to a PC for printing.


Printers are available on all floors. Color printing service is available at the first-floor Service Desk; this service is for students, staff, and faculty only, at a minimal cost.

  • If you run out of print quota, you can purchase an additional 100 copies for $1.50.
  • If you have Cardinal Cash, go to the First-Floor Service Desk to purchase additional copies.
  • If you print and the pages come out too light because the toner cartridge needs to be changed or the printer jams, go to the First- or Second-Floor Service Desk; we will add those pages back into your quota. Bring the pages you want added back into your quota to the desk.
  • If you did not receive a print quota for the semester, go to the First-Floor Service Desk for assistance.

Cardinal Cloud Print & Release — Print files from your device to campus printers.


Students: We will provide copies for 10 cents per page. Please see the second-floor Service Desk for assistance.

Community patrons: We provide you with 10 copies free of charge. Additional copies cost ten cents per page.

Need Help?

Should you require any help with scanning, photocopying, or microfilm/microfiche duplication, simply ask at the closest Service Desk.

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