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LIB Course Proficiency Exam

Exam Dates & Registration Information

Main Campus Exams — Spring 2020


Please note that the LIB exam sessions have been cancelled for the spring 2020 semester.


We anticipate offering the exam as usual in the Fall 2020 semester.

The next opportunity to take the exam will be Sunday Aug. 23, 2020.
No pre-registration is needed. You will need a picture ID.

During the advising period the following exam sessions will be offered.
Pre-registration is required for these exams. The link to the registration form will be posted here after spring break.

Exam Sessions
Date Time
Tue. April 7 cancelled
Wed. April 8 cancelled
Thurs. April 9 cancelled
Fri. April 10 cancelled
Fri. April 10 cancelled

Queensbury Campus Exam — Spring 2020

Exam Date: CANCELLED — Exam Registration Information

What is the LIB Proficiency Exam?

The Proficiency Exam is an online proctored exam for the LIB course. It is offered the Sunday before the start of the Fall and Spring semesters and during advising. By passing the Proficiency Exam, you meet the Information and Technology Literacy General Education requirement, but do not receive a credit hour. Consult with your advisor about this credit hour in your total degree requirements.

Anyone who has never received ANY grade for LIB105, or LIB200 is eligible to proficiency-out of the LIB course by passing the LIB Proficiency Exam. You are NOT eligible to take the exam if…

  • you already have a grade for an LIB course (including W);
  • you are currently enrolled in an LIB course;
  • you have taken the exam previously.

Preparing for the Exam

You are prepared for the exam if you’ve done a lot of research in Feinberg Library, using print and electronic sources, or if you’ve done significant research at comparable university libraries. The exam covers basic concepts and skills in academic research, ethical use of information including citations, and search techniques. You can also prepare by reading the text, Information Literacy & Technology, by Carla J. List. The text is on reserve at the Feinberg Library’s second-floor Service Desk and the SUNY Adirondack Library or you may want to review The Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open Online Textbook (a free pdf download).

LIB Exam for Distance Learners

Matriculated distance-learning students are eligible to take the LIB library proficiency exam at a location other than the main campus or branch campus, providing the following conditions are met:

  • You are a student registered for a distance-learning course in the current semester.
  • You are not currently registered for courses meeting at either the main Plattsburgh campus or SUNY Adirondack branch campus.
  • You live farther than 50 miles from either the main Plattsburgh campus or SUNY Adirondack branch campus.

Distance Learning LIB Exam Procedures

Students are responsible for identifying a suitable proctor and location for the exam. The exam is offered through Moodle, so the proctoring site must have a computer and Internet access. Students cannot use their own computer for the exam. A proctored exam can only be scheduled during the fall or spring semesters. The campus academic honesty policies apply to all examinations and any violation with a proctored exam is treated as it would be with any regular campus exam.

Identifying a Proctor

The following individuals are eligible to be proctors: university, college, hospital, or public librarians; teachers or professors; professional testing or Learning Center staff (not including student tutors).

Proctors cannot be the student’s relative, friend, tutor, coach, employer or supervisor.

Scheduling a Proctored Exam Session

  • A completed and signed Proctor Agreement Form must be submitted before an exam can be scheduled.
  • Once the Proctor Agreement Form is received, the exam date and time will be confirmed by email with both the student and the proctor.
  • The proctor will be sent the instructions on how the student can access the exam.
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