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LIB190 Course: Critical Research Skills

LIB190 meets the Cardinal Core Information Literacy General Education foundation requirement. 

All students are required to meet the requirement by taking the LIB course or passing the Information Literacy Competency Exam.

About the Course

The LIB190 course (replacing the LIB200 course) is now a co/pre-requisite for the ENG101 course. Incoming students are encouraged to meet these requirements in their first year. To help accommodate this process, most of the seats in the fall and spring LIB190 sections have been reserved for first-year students. 

Spring 2023 Dates

Session ‘A’ Sections 
Date Event
Jan. 30 Classes Start
Feb. 15 Withdrawal Deadline
March 3 Classes End
Session ‘B’ Sections
Date Event
March 20 Classes Start
April 5 Withdrawal Deadline
April 21 Classes End


  • Due to the short duration of the course, ADDs will not be allowed after the first day the class meets unless you have the permission of the instructor.
  • Students can DROP the course in the first week.
  • For Session ‘B’ students, all Add/Drop transactions need to be processed at the registrar’s office (Kehoe 3rd floor).


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