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Textbooks on Reserve Program

An Alternative to Expensive Textbooks

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With the cost of textbooks increasing and family budgets tightening, many students are desperate for ways to save money without compromising academic success. A growing number are looking for textbooks in Feinberg’s collection and through our Interlibrary Loan service.

Feinberg’s Textbooks on Reserve program is now available to help students ease their financial burden — but faculty support is a critical component.

Student Information

Textbooks on Reserve can be checked out for two-hour periods at the second-floor Service Desk in Feinberg Library.

Faculty Information

Faculty can help by working with the library to put required textbooks on reserve; this ensures access to the texts for your students while helping to keep student expenses manageable.

Is your course a good fit for Feinberg library’s Textbooks on Reserve program? Here are the guidelines for faculty:

  • You do not require the textbook for in-class open book tests or similar activities.
  • If your text is over $70 it may be a good candidate, since the higher the cost, the more likely students will be looking for alternative access.
  • If you have more than 50 students (even if they’re in multiple sections or with other instructors), then the program may be a good fit. The greater number of students needing the text increases the number of students who will be looking for alternative access.
  • There is no online access code/component that is required. Unfortunately purchased access codes from publishers cannot be Reserve items.

Add Your Textbook to the Reserve

To include your textbook in this program, contact:

Holly Heller-Ross
301 Feinberg Library
[email protected]

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