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Notarized (Apostille) Diploma/Transcript

Apostille Definition: According to The Hague Convention, an “Apostille” is a document such as a diploma or academic transcript authenticated for foreign use. The authentication process requires various seals placed on the document(s) from a notary, the notary’s county clerk, and the NYS Department of State.

The student is responsible for providing the documents to be notarized and must submit payment for the amount of $3 per page to be notarized.

About the Process: Choose an Option

Option 1: Diploma Only

If only the diploma needs to be notarized/authenticated, complete the online Apostille Request Form.


  1. The SUNY Plattsburgh notary is licensed in Clinton County and provides services free of charge. Once SUNY Plattsburgh’s notary completes the transaction, the documents are delivered to the Clinton County Clerk’s office to be authenticated where the charge is $3 per page.
  2. The notarized/authenticated form is returned to the student for additional processing through the New York Department of State. The charge is $10 per document. Visit: N.Y. Department of State Apostille or Certificate of Authentication Requests. The address to send to New York Department of State is below. We recommend mailing documents return/receipt requested.

Option 2: Diploma & Transcript

If both the diploma and transcript need to be notarized/authenticated, please notify the registrar’s office by emailing [email protected] or by calling 518-564-2100 to determine how many pages the transcript contains and to receive instructions on how to order the transcript.

There is a $3 per page charge for the diploma and transcript pages.

Submit documents by postal mail to the following address:

New York Department of State Division of Licensing Services
Apostille and Authentication Unit
PO Box 22001
Albany, NY 12201-2001

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