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Degree Works User Guide

Introduction to Degree Works: A User Guide

Section Description
Section 1: Select an Audit
Section 2: Description of Degree Works Blocks
Section 3: Create a What-If Audit and Calculate Commencement Honors
Section 4: View Courses by Term and List of All Transfer Courses
Section 5: Print a PDF Audit

Section 1: Select an Audit

  • Option 1: Enter student's Banner ID in the Student ID field, hit Enter. (Students have direct access to the audit.)
  • Option 2: Use the Name Field drop-down option to select from a list of students the user is authorized to access.
  • Option 3: Click on the Find icon and enter search criteria to select from the population the user is authorized to access.

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Section 2: Degree Works Block Descriptions

1. Global Header (SUNY Plattsburgh Campus DGWT Degree Works)

  • Block Header (Blue): the last day and time audit was refreshed.
  • Student's Name
  • Student's Banner ID
  • Classification (Class Standing)
  • Advisor: Student's academic advisor(s). Internet Explorer users may link directly to advisor's email by clicking on the advisor's name. If not using IE, user may click on the Directory to find advisor's email.
  • Overall GPA (Cumulative)
  • Academic Standing
  • Confidentiality Flag:
    • N (No). Student has not requested a confidentiality hold on directory information. Please keep in mind that this audit is FERPA protected. Only directory information may be released: student's full name, email address; local and home addresses; local and home telephone numbers; date of birth; major field of study; name of academic advisor(s); class level; dates of attendance; degree(s) and awards(s) received; most recent previous public or private school attended by student; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; and weight and height of members of athletic teams.
    • Y (Yes) confidentiality has been requested; student submitted a written request to withhold disclosure of directory information under FERPA).
  • Current Term Aid: displays the current term if the student receives financial aid in that term.
  • Level: Student Level (Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • Degree: degree program associated with the student's major. Students in double majors may select only one degree option.
  • College: SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Major: list of all major titles and major curriculum codes.
  • Minor: list of all minor titles and minor curriculum codes.
  • Registration Holds: if students have holds that will deny registration access, they must go to their Student Menu on Banner to view and resolve prior to registration.
  • Graduation Status: separate notations appear as students apply, are reviewed, and graduate (or not).
  • Next Term Aid: displays the next term if the student receives financial aid in that term.
  • Transfer Credits: displays the number of credits the student transferred from other institutions.

2. Notes Block

The Notes block appears on the audit only when notes exist on a student's Banner record. Examples of notes:

  • Permission to Attend Another Institution
  • Cross Registration
  • Deviations/Waivers
  • Permission for Undergraduates to Take a Graduate Level Course
  • Transfer courses not counting because official transcript has not been received from transfer institution.

3. Degree Block

  • Degree program attached to the student's major program(s). Students with multiple majors may select only one degree program.
  • Effective academic year of degree and other college-wide requirements.
  • Credits required and applied (including in progress credits).
  • Cumulative GPA.
  • College-wide policies are enforced in the Degree Block. Proxy advice appears as students track progress toward completion of these policies. The proxy advice disappears as each requirement is satisfied.
    • Unmet conditions for the set of requirements: 120 credits are required. Your currently have 117. You still need 3 more credits.
    • A minimum of 45 upper-division credits are required. You have taken 40 but need 5 more credits.
  • Policies Tracked in the Degree Block
    • Minimum cumulative credits required (Degree header)
    • Minimum cumulative GPA required (proxy advice; disappears when satisfied)
    • Minimum number of liberal arts credits required for a degree program (proxy advice; disappears when satisfied)
    • Minimum of 45 (effective fall 2015) upper-division credits (300 and 400 level; 500 level if used toward undergraduate degree program) with a minimum of 21 upper-division credits completed at Plattsburgh (proxy advice; disappears when satisfied)
    • Minimum of 36 credits completed in residency (proxy advice; disappears when satisfied)
    • Senior residency—last 30 of 36 credits (proxy advice; disappears when satisfied)
    • Maximum of 84 transfer credits applied toward program (credits exceeding the limit show in the Not Counted block)
    • Maximum of 4 PED 100-level credits applied toward program (credits exceeding the limit show in the Not Counted block)
    • Exclusion of all developmental courses from the program (Courses with 0** course numbers), audited courses (with the AUD course subject), cross registration course subjects (CRX), and all courses coded on a student's record with a reject (REJ) code (credits exceeding the limit or missing official transfer transcript show in the Not Counted block)
    • Additional block titles containing requirements are listed within the Degree Block with symbols representing in progress status or completion.

4. Placement/Proficiency Results Block

This is not a block of requirements; it is an informational block that lists results of proficiency exams a student may have taken and the student's English and Math placement results.

  • Has taken English placement exam: indicates student has taken the written English placement test.
  • English Placement: lists student's placement into ENG100 or ENG101.
  • Math Placement: lists student's eligibility to register for "Any General Education Math Course", including calculus or "Any 100 Level General Education Math course", excluding calculus.
  • Foreign Language Placement: lists results of French and Spanish language proficiency exam. Student is proficient at level listed in this block and may register for the next course in sequence.
  • Chemistry Placement: lists whether student is eligible to register for CHE111 or must take CHE106 and CHE107 to satisfy the CHE111 requirement in their major.

5. General Education Block (SUNY GE)

  • Block Header (Blue): shows credits required and credits applied.
  • This General Education Block consists of SUNY GE requirements. Students must complete all categories listed.
  • Students also may select any approved GE course(s) to satisfy the "Additional Approved GE Courses" section to complete a minimum of 30 credits required by SUNY. If an in-progress course is listed in this category, the requirement will not show completed until the in-progress course is graded (even when other courses have been completed that satisfy this requirement)

6. General Education - Plattsburgh's Requirements

  • Plattsburgh's General Education courses (Information Technology and Literacy/Global Issues) required in addition to the SUNY General Education requirements listed above in the General Education Block.

7. Major in XXX, Block

  • Header (Blue):  lists the effective academic year of major requirements and the major GPA.  Note, students with multiple majors will see a Major Block for each major with the effective academic year of the major requirements and the major GPA.
  • Proxy advice appears to assist students with the tracking of  minimum GPA required and major residency credits required and applied. The proxy advice disappears once these are satisfied.
  • List of all departmental requirements.

8. Major in XXX Cognate Block

  • List of all required cognate courses.
  • Education majors will see concentration requirements listed in addition to their cognate requirements.

9. Education Certification Block

  • The Education Certification Block appears for education majors only.
  • Tracks completion of school violence prevention and intervention, child abuse and neglect, and the dignity for all students act for teacher certification.
  • Tracks student's acceptance of the TEACH waiver required to authorize the college to submit a teacher certification recommendation electronically using the TEACH system.

10. Minor Block

  • Header (Blue): lists the effective academic year of the minor requirements, the student's minor GPA and applied credits.
  • Proxy advice for the required GPA and credits (including nine required residency credits in the minor) is listed under the header.
  • Required courses are listed.

11. Elective Classes Allowed

  • Only displays if student has elective credits.
  • Credits that are not used to satisfy General Education and major blocks but are needed to reach the minimum degree credits required will list here.

12. Elective Classes not Allowed

  • Only displays if student has elective credit in excess of the minimum degree credits required. Note, courses listed here still apply toward degree credit totals and degree GPA.
  • This block is to assist students, faculty, and staff with determining course eligibility for financial aid.

13. Insufficient Block

  • All courses not applied toward the program (i.e., failed, incomplete, repeated, withdrawn). Note, in progress course repeats of a previously passed course will appear here until the repeat has been calculated at the end of the semester.

14. Not Counted Block

  • Courses completed that are over the credit limit allowed. For example, only four PED100-level courses apply toward the program. All PED100-level courses beyond this limit will appear in the Not Counted Block.
  • Transfer credit for which the student did not provide an official transcript with a final grade. Although the message states maximum number of credits exceeded, this is not always the case.

15. In-Progress Block

  • All courses in progress and course registrations for subsequent semesters.

16. Exceptions Block

  • A record of all deviations/waivers processed for the student.

17. Legend

Icon Description
'Complete' Icon Complete
'Not Complete' Icon Not Complete
'In Progress' Icon In Progress
'Nearly Complete' Icon Nearly Complete
(TR) Transfer Class
@ Any course number

18. Disclaimer

You are encouraged to use this degree audit report as a guide when planning your progress toward completion of the above requirements. Your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office may be contacted for assistance in interpreting this report. This audit is not your academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements. Questions and concerns regarding this audit should be directed to [email protected].

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Section 3: Create a What-If Audit and Track Commencement Honors Eligibility

The What-If feature enables students to explore majors and minors at Plattsburgh. Processing a What-If audit does not change the student's major, minor, or certificate program.  The requirements listed are not official until the student actually declares the program through the official college process.

Click on the What If link (column on the left).

  1.  Major Audit
    • Click on the drop-down arrow to select a major. Pay close attention to the applicable degree options for each major. Select the major.
    • Select an applicable degree option in the Degree field.
    • Select the academic year you would plan to declare this major from the drop-down menu on the Academic Year field.
    • Select a minor simultaneously if interested.
    • Click on the Process What-If button.
  2. Minor Audit
    • Select the academic year your would plan to declare this minor from the drop-down menu on the Academic Year field.
    • Select a minor from the Minor field.
    • Click on the Process What-If button.
  3. Commencement Honors
    • Select 0 Commencement Honors under Pick a Minor drop down menu.
    • Click on the Process What-If button.
    • Scroll down to the Commencement Honors block. Proxy advice is listed displaying the requirements to achieve commencement honors. A minimum of 45 residency credits must be graded A - E. Courses with a P (pass) grade do NOT count toward the 45 residency credits. All transfer credits are excluded.
    • Courses with E grades are used in the commencement honors GPA calculation.

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Section 4: View Courses by Term and List of All Transfer Courses

  1. Click on the "Courses by Term" link located in the header to view courses by term with a listing of all transfer courses if applicable.

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Section 5: Print a PDF Audit

  1. Click on the Save as PDF tab to print a PDF audit. Do not save the PDF audit to your computer. The audit is protected by the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA).

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