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Branding Resources & Style Guidelines

Our brand encompasses the SUNY Plattsburgh experience and uses a combination of consistent names, terms, elements, and design standards to powerfully identify our dynamic campus.

Our brand is more than a logo. It is a promise of the experience of SUNY Plattsburgh. When the entire campus community follows the same editorial and graphic standards, an integrated, consistent brand and message is created. Branded resources are available below and we encourage their use whenever possible.

Before starting a project that requires the use of the SUNY Plattsburgh brand or logo, please contact Catherine Keleher.

Style Guide

Graphic standards cover areas such as the college’s official logo and approved fonts and colors. Guidelines for writing and style usage cover proper use of the college’s name, titles, departments, programs and more. SUNY Plattsburgh uses the Associated Press Stylebook in all releases and publications.

Brand Resources

PowerPoint Templates

Campus PowerPoint templates are provided for your use below. Each template contains three images to choose from for your title page. If you prefer to use Google Slides, please download the PowerPoint file to your computer, before uploading to your Google Drive. Open in Google Drive and select ‘Save as Google Slides’. 

Electronic Letterhead

An electronic user template of the SUNY Plattsburgh letterhead has been created in Microsoft® Word. This template may be used to send online correspondence on college letterhead. It is intended for electronic distribution only and is not to be printed from a desktop printer. Do not print stationery from this template. Please visit myorderdesk.com/Plattsburgh to order printed stationary and business cards.


Logo colors Hawkins Tower and Cardinal should only be used on a white background. For occasions when the logo needs to be over a color, please use Snow Goose. The following downloadable files contain the official logo and should not be replaced by the college seal or secondary logo unless approved by the Office of Marketing. Please see the Graphic Communications Policy and Style Guide for further logo usage guidance. 

Downloadable logos for digital use:

Video Production

Planning to shoot a video for your club or department? Pre-planning is essential for a successful video. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What is the goal of your video?
  • Have you written a script or shot list?
  • Have you checked your script for accuracy? (Our website is a great place to start!)
  • Have you reached out to key shareholders for ideas or approval?
  • Where will the video be used? Is it a short clip for social media or a longer feature for the website or YouTube?
  • Are you using high-quality video or photos?
  • If there is a call to action, have you confirmed that this is possible?
  • Have you given yourself enough time to produce a video that will accurately and positively illustrate your message?

Once you've asked and answered these questions, you're ready to begin. Refer to these guidelines to be sure your video meets brand and college standards.

Guidelines for Creating a Video Representing SUNY Plattsburgh

Questions regarding video production may be sent to Sarah Cunningham and Virginia Siskavich-Bosley.

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