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Branding and Style Guidelines

Our brand encompasses the SUNY Plattsburgh experience and uses a combination of consistent names, terms, elements, and design standards to powerfully identify our dynamic campus.

But our brand is more than a logo. It is a promise of the experience of SUNY Plattsburgh. When the entire campus community follows the same editorial and graphic standards, an integrated, consistent brand and message is created. Graphic standards cover areas such as the college's official logo and approved fonts and colors.

Guidelines for writing and style usage cover proper use of the college’s name, titles, departments, programs and more. SUNY Plattsburgh uses the Associated Press Stylebook in all releases and publications.

Before starting a project that requires the use of the SUNY Plattsburgh brand or logo, please contact Catherine Keleher.

Graphic and Communication Standards


* An electronic user template of the SUNY Plattsburgh letterhead has been created in Microsoft® Word. This template may be used to send online correspondence on College letterhead. It is intended for electronic distribution only and is not to be printed from a desktop printer. Do not print stationery from this template. Please visit myorderdesk.com/Plattsburgh to order printed stationary.


Because of the resolution, downloadable logos are for digital use only. Please contact the Marketing Office if you need a logo for printing.

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