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Internal Control Memo

A Memo from Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance Todd Moravec

March 30, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

As public employees, we have a responsibility to ensure that we are safeguarding college resources and being good stewards of the public trust.

Guiding us in these efforts are our internal controls. Internal controls are the activities that we engage in to ensure the college’s resources are used effectively and efficiently. These activities minimize inappropriate use of resources; loss, waste or damage of resources; overspending; or other actions inconsistent with policy or in violation of law.

Examples of our internal controls in action include:

  • Conducting timely employee performance evaluations, including updating performance programs and job duties.  
  • Annual physical inventories of equipment
  • Monthly review of accounts by account owners to determine if expenditures remain on track
  • New employee training
  • Physical control over assets (e.g. locks on doors)
  • Separation of duties in the purchasing and payment processes
  • Supervisor pre-approval of transactions (e.g. purchases, travel authorizations)
  • System access controls (such as passwords)
  • Updating policies and procedures

Internal controls help us to ensure that precious resources are aligned with and support achievement of our mission and mitigate risks that could impede our progress. 

What You Can Do

  • Familiarize yourself with our Internal Control Program.
  • Follow campus policies and procedures, as well as those in place for your job.
  • When assigned, complete your compliance training.
  • If asked, participate in an internal control review or risk assessment.
  • Communicate problems, ask questions and suggest improvement to your supervisor or department chair.
  • Use college resources only in support of our goals, objectives and programs.

What To Do If You Suspect A Problem

There can be occasions when faculty, staff, students, community members intentionally or unintentionally misuse state funds, equipment and supplies or participate in unethical activities or practices. If you suspect or know of such actions, you can make a report to the anonymous internal control hotline (voice mailbox) at 866-633-6112. If you notice something unusual, report it. Learn more about the internal control hotline

Contact Us!

Should you have questions about the Internal Control Program, please contact Sean Dermody, assistant VP for Regional Procurement Services, at 518-564-3606 or Lauren Currie, internal control coordinator, at 518-564-2538.

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