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Frequently Asked Payroll Questions



  • What is meant by “lag” payroll and when will I receive my first paycheck?

    All state employees are paid on a biweekly lag basis. This means that you are paid for a two week pay period (beginning on a Thursday through the second Wednesday) two weeks after the conclusion of that pay period (exception: hourly employees are paid three weeks after conclusion of a pay period). Therefore, it may take up to four weeks from your date of hire to receive your first check. You will also continue to receive checks after you separate from service until the lag is paid out. In addition, there is a five-day salary deferral (for those individuals in positions represented by CSEA or PEF, or M/C employees). This means that one day’s pay is deducted from each of the first five paychecks, but will be returned to the employee upon separation from service. Contact the payroll office at 518-564-3113 for more information.

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