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Records Management

The Records Manager is here to assist you with your department and division records. Not all records have a retention time period, so review the retention schedules below for more in-depth information. SUNY Office of General Counsel and the NY Archives & Government Services designate the length of time a record is kept due to legal reasons. Holding onto records longer than necessary may cause a host of problems including: legal problems for the campus, storage problems and retrieval delays. Records that have a retention time can be paper, electronic, microfilmed and photographed to name a few mediums.

Inactive Records

Inactive records, which are records that a department must save but are not frequently used, are inventoried, stored, and managed by the records manager in the basement of Hawkins Hall and at River Storage unit #102 behind Sibley Hall. If your office has inactive records that require retention and you want them removed, contact the Records Manager at (518) 564-5011.

How to Request Inactive Records to be Moved

To have inactive records moved into inactive storage and managed by the records manager, a Moving Request Form from the Maintenance and Operations Dept. must be filled in, the Records Manager notified for the location to put on the form, and then the Moving Crew will pick-up the boxes. Ensure each record box is labeled on one short end of the box with the Inventory Box Label noted below.

Retention Policy

Note: these documents require Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.

Retention Schedules

Record Box Label

Need Help?

Contact the Records Manager if you are uncomfortable on what to keep and discard.

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