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Property Control

Most departments cannot function without equipment, such as copiers, microscopes, and computers. To assist the campus with overseeing its property, the College has designated individuals as Equipment Coordinators. 

The following resources are intended to assist Equipment Coordinators charged with performing the inventory of such items and other assets. 

The Equipment Coordinators Role

The Equipment Coordinator plays an important role in each department by:

  • Ensuring the location of department equipment.
  • Performing a physical inventory.
  • Keeping the Property Control Coordinator informed of changes to property inventory, such as a new purchase, transfers, surplus, or disposal of equipment.

Equipment Coordinator Training Instructions

To aid department Equipment Coordinators in these responsibilities, the following Property Control Training has been created.  To complete the training please complete the following steps:

  • Watch all Chapters of SUNY Plattsburgh's Property Control Training video below or watch here.
  • The entire training video is under 30 minutes
  • When viewing in YouTube, please read the video description to better understand the trainings content
  • It is strongly advised that you view all chapters
  • Enjoy Property Control Follies, a fictionalized accounting of the property control process.
  • Complete the Training Video Feedback Form(Google Form requires login)
  • As needed, revisit specific chapters in one of two ways:
    • By Chapter: Click the playlist icon (three bars and an arrow) on the upper left hand side of the imbedded video to view specific chapters.
    • By Topic: View the video in YouTube and in the video description select the topic you wish to view.

Equipment Coordinator Training Video

It is strongly advised that you to view the entire training video initially, and then revisit specific chapters or topics when you need a refresher. Upon completion of the training video, please complete and return the Training Acknowledgment form to the Property Control Coordinator.


Additional Resources


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