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FAQ About the Child and Youth Protection Program

What is the Child and Youth Protection Policy?

The Child and Youth Protection Policy states that individuals must conduct themselves appropriately with children / youth who participate in College related programs and report instances or suspicion of physical or sexual abuse of children to the University Police Department at 518-564-2022.

What is a "Child / Youth" under the policy?

An individual under the age of seventeen years, who is participating in a Covered Activity.  The term “child / youth” shall not include a matriculated student of the University or a person accepted for matriculation.  For purposes of this policy, “matriculation” means accepted by the University as a student into a college course that is listed in the college catalog.

What does the policy cover?

This policy covers the College (departments, employees and students), Affiliates, and any vendor, licensee or permittee for which a license or permit for use of College facilities has been approved, occurring on or off campus.

What is an affiliated entity?

An affiliated entity is any one of the following: The Research Foundation of the State University of New York, The Plattsburgh College Foundation, the Plattsburgh Alumni Association, and College Auxiliary Services.

Is the Student Association an affiliated entity?

No, for the purposes of this policy, the Student Association (and any of its recognized clubs or organizations) is not an affiliated entity and must enter into an agreement with the College through conference services via a revocable permit in order to hold a function which involves children under the age of 17.

What is a "Responsible University Official" and a "Covered Person"?

A “Responsible University Official” is an employee of the College or College-affiliated organization who has been designated by the College to fulfill the responsibilities as listed in Section F of the SUNY Child Protection Policy. 

A “Covered Person” is a person who is responsible for the custody, control, or supervision of children / youth participating in the Covered Activity and who is:

  • An employee of the College or College-affiliated organization; or
  • a student enrolled at the College; or
  • a volunteer of the College or College-affiliated organization; or
  • a vendor, licensee, permittee or other person, who is given permission to come onto campus or to use College facilities for Covered Activities; or their employees, agents, or volunteers.

What is a "Covered Activity"?

An activity is “Covered” if it meets the two-part Policy definition as follows:

  • it is sponsored or approved by the University, College-affiliated organization or conducted by a vendor, licensee or permittee for which a license or permit for use of College facilities has been approved, occurring on or off campus; AND
  • for the duration of the activity, custody, control and supervision of children / youth is vested in the College, College-affiliated organization or the approved vendor, licensee or permittee.

How do I know if my activity is a "Covered Activity"?

Please view the decision tree (PDF) to determine if your activity falls into the definition of a covered activity.  When in doubt, please call Management Services at (518) 564-2539 as we can assist you with making this determination.

Who is responsible when a School District is invited on campus for an event?

Generally, field trips where custody and control remain with the school district are not considered covered activities.  However, if students are not accompanied by chaperones from the school and a College employee is expected to be responsible for any children / youth at any point of the visit, then the activity should be reviewed by Management Services to make a determination.

Which activities where children / youth under the age of 17 are present are not considered “Covered Activities”?

The Child Protection Policy does not apply to incidental visits where custody, control and supervision is not vested in the college or an affiliated organization.  Some examples include:

  • Events that are open to the general public, such as concerts, athletic events, exhibitions and seasonal events such as winter carnivals and Halloween parties.
  • Children / youth accompanying a visitor to campus (e.g., accompanying a sibling on a recruiting visit)
  • “Field Trips” where children / youth are brought onto campus by a school or other organization and the representatives of those schools or organization remain with the children / youth throughout the trip and remain responsible for the custody, control and supervision.

Again, when in doubt, please contact Management Services at 518-564-2539 so we can help review the activity.

How do we treat off-campus internships, such as student teaching assignments?

Internships, student teaching assignments, affiliations, and volunteer work conducted off-campus by students or faculty are generally not Covered Activities because the responsibility for custody, control and supervision of children/ youth is not vested in the University, College-affiliated organizations or approved vendor, licensee or permittee.

Who do I call if I have any questions regarding the Child and Youth Protection Policy?

Please direct your questions to Management Services at 518-564-2539.

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