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SUNY Organization and Roles Policy

Outlines the State University of New York's governance. 

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7000.1 Management Services

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Pre-1998 1.0 New Document Entire Document
12/30/16 1.1 Minor Revisions  
12/3/18 1.2 Minor Revisions  
9/18/20 1.3 Minor Revisions 2.0

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The overall direction of the State University of New York is the responsibility of a sixteen member Board of Trustees. The Governor appoints fifteen members: the sixteenth is the President of the Student Assembly of the State University, ex-officio, who serves as a voting member of the Board.


Functioning under the Trustees is the University's System Administration staff with offices in Albany. The Chancellor of the University heads State University System Administration.


The Faculty Senate, established by Article VII of the Policies of the Board of Trustees, is "the official agency through which the University Faculty engages in the governance of the University."


The purpose of the Senate is to be concerned with effective educational policies within the University and work to improve terms and conditions of employment of the University's professional staff.


The Senate shall consist of the Chancellor of the University, two University representatives, having University-wide responsibilities, and one representative elected by each State-operated unit and contract college in numbers determined as follow elected by each unit in proportion to the size of its faculty, with a maximum of four representatives per unit. (All members have elected or appointed alternates, who serve as Senators if their counterparts are absent or unable to serve).


The Senate has two officers, elected by the Senate from among its elected members: The President, serving a term of two years; The Vice President/Secretary, serving a term of two years. Committees: Executive Committee: chaired by the President of the Senate;

Standing Committee:

Established by the Senate or Executive Committee as deemed advisable; chairpersons and members to be appointed by the Executive Committee and shall serve for one year.


The Senate shall meet at least twice a year at such times and places as determined by the Executive Committee. The Senate usually meets four times during the academic year.

Representation from Plattsburgh:

University Faculty Senator

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