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Organizational Unit Name Change or Formation Policy

Approved by President's Cabinet on February 19, 2015

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Management Services

1.0    Purpose

In order to facilitate better communication, foster greater consistency, ensure appropriate oversight, and provide a timely and transparent mechanism for addressing such issues, the College requires that all organizational units wishing to change their names, or form new organizational units, gain approval at the institutional level.  This policy describes the procedures necessary for obtaining this approval.

2.0    Revision History

Date Version Change Ref Section
2/19/2015 1.0 New Document  
10/31/2016 1.1 Minor Revisions Form Updated
1/10/2017 1.2 Minor Revisions  
2/21/2017 1.3 Minor Revisions Form Updated
3/7/2017 1.4 Minor Revisions Form Updated

 3.0    Units and Persons Affected

All College organizational units excluding College-affiliated organizations

 4.0    Policy

As necessary, College organizational units may petition for name changes, or to form new organizational units, to ensure that they adequately reflect their responsibilities, the needs of their constituents, best practices in their fields, or other legitimate purposes.  Any change in the name of an organizational unit of the College must be approved at the institutional level.  

Please note that this policy does not pertain to the naming of College facilities, physical spaces, academic programs, scholarships, and endowed or annual funds after individuals, families, foundations, corporations, or other entities.  Such naming is governed by Plattsburgh College Foundation and SUNY Board of Trustees Naming Opportunity Policies.

5.0    Definitions

    5.1    College-affiliated organization – Any organization located on, and affiliated with, the College but not part of the State University of New York, itself (e.g. College Auxiliary Services, Plattsburgh Foundation, SUNY Plattsburgh Child Care Center, Research Foundation, etc.).

    5.2    Organizational unit – All College organizational subdivisions including, but not limited to, centers, departments, institutes, offices, divisions, schools, and campuses.  Does not include any subdivisions of College-affiliated organizations. 

6.0    Responsibilities

7.0    Procedures 

    7.1    College organizational units wishing to change their name should first consult with their Dean (if applicable) or respective Vice President. 

    7.2    After consultation, units should complete the Organizational Unit Name Change or New Unit Form and submit to their Dean first (if applicable) and their respective Vice President.

    7.3    Upon approval by the respective Vice President, the form should be routed to all offices indicated for review and comments.  

    7.4    Upon review by all other offices, Executive Council will review and vote on the request to change the organizational unit’s name.

    7.5    If approved, steps may be taken to implement a unit’s name as indicated by Executive Council.  

8.0    Appendix

Organizational Unit Name Change or Formation Form

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