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Returning Materials Policy


Policy Number Policy Owner
6013.1 Purchasing

Revision History:

Date Version Change Ref Section
Pre-2006 1.0 New Document  
C. 2006 1.1 Minor Revisions  
8/30/2016 1.2 Minor Revisions  
1/5/2017 1.3 Minor Revisions  

Statement of Policy

All return shipments with the exception of on-line office supply purchases and procurement card orders which are to be paid from State appropriated funds must be handled by the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Department will not accept any packages for shipment regardless of what the items may be without the completion of a shipping notice, which is to be typed or printed stating the reasons why the material is being returned, a list of the materials and/or equipment, and the authorized signature of the department chairperson. The form is to be prepared in duplicate, signed by the department chairperson and forwarded to the Purchasing Department.

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