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Grant Awards to Student Athletes Policy

Approved by Executive Council on July 12, 2011

Policy on Compliance with NCAA Rules Governing Selection of Students for Grants, Awards

Policy Number Policy Owner
6008.1 Financial Aid

1.0    Purpose

To establish a policy consistent with NCAA rules for the selection by departments and committees of scholarships, awards and grants to student-athletes attending SUNY Plattsburgh.

2.0    Revision History

Date Version Change Ref Section
7/12/2011 1.0 New Document  
10/6/2015 1.1 Minor Revisions  
1/5/2017 1.2 Minor Revisions  

In 2005, the Division III membership of the National Collegiate Athletic Association adopted legislation requiring institutions to report financial aid packages for freshmen and transfers as a way to demonstrate compliance with Bylaw 15, which prohibits the awarding of financial awards, grants, and scholarships to intercollegiate student-athletes on the basis of athletic ability or the participation in sports and prohibits athletic staff from participating in the selection of any such award.

Each year departments and committees across campus select recipients for scholarships and grants.  The names of these recipients are forwarded to Student Financial Services, which then adds the scholarship or grant to the aid package for the student.  While the selection process for these scholarship awards and grants appears to be consistent with NCAA financial aid bylaws, the faculty and committees that select students for departmental scholarships may or may not be aware of NCAA requirements related to Bylaw 15. 

3.0    Units and Persons Affected

  • SUNY Plattsburgh student-athletes being considered for financial awards, grants and scholarships by selection committees. 
  • Selection committees composed of faculty, staff and students at SUNY Plattsburgh.

4.0    Policy

  • Selection committees shall not consider a student’s athletic leadership, ability, participation or performance as a criterion in the formulation of a financial aid package or for selection of a scholarship, award or grant of a recipient.
  • Members of the athletic staff are prohibited from participating on any financial aid, scholarship, award or grant selection committee or serve in any advisory capacity to these committees for the selection process for financial awards, scholarship or grants offered by SUNY Plattsburgh, the Plattsburgh College Foundation or affiliated groups or organizations.
  • The vice presidents of the various divisions will be responsible for disseminating to deans, directors, departmental and selection committee chairs this policy and to ensure that the selection committees adhere to this policy.
  • The college prohibits the establishment of endowments, scholarships, or gift aid programs specifically for student-athletes.
  • The college prohibits donors from establishing, financing or contributing to endowments, scholarships, or gift aid programs specifically for student-athletes.

5.0    Definitions

  • Athletic Staff - Includes, but is not limited, to all members of the administration of athletics at SUNY Plattsburgh, including athletic director, assistant athletic directors, sports information director, field house director, assistant field house director, equipment manager, faculty athletics representative, coaches, assistant coaches, head trainer, assistant athletic trainers, director of sports medicine, and assistant director of sports medicine.
  • Selection Committee - A group of SUNY Plattsburgh faculty, staff and students whose function is to choose students for campus-related financial awards, scholarships or grants based upon a criterion.
  • Endowment - A permanent fund established by a donor for the purpose of providing ongoing support to a program, department or unit at SUNY Plattsburgh. Endowments are normally established through a gift or gifts to the Plattsburgh College Foundation, Inc., a not for profit corporation responsible for accepting and administering gifts in support of SUNY Plattsburgh.
  • Donor - An individual, organization of business who has made or desires to make a charitable donation in support of SUNY Plattsburgh.

6.0    Responsibilities

All SUNY Plattsburgh faculty, staff and students will comply with this policy.

7.0    Procedures  

Vice presidents will be notified annually by the Financial Aid office of their responsibilities related to this policy as indicated in section 4.3.   Vice presidents, deans, directors and/or coordinators and chairs of selection committees will review any current scholarship/grant applications and the selection process for compliance to determine that there are no requests or requirements for information concerning a student’s athletic leadership, ability, participation, or performance.   Selection committees will review committee membership to ensure that there are no members of athletics staff on the committee. 


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