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Feinberg Library Gift Policy

Expresses the campus' policy on gifts to Feinberg Library.

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
6007.1 Library and Information Technology Services
  • 4.0 Policy

    Initial inquiries about gifts to Feinberg Library should be directed to the Head of Resource Control.

    Please note: If individual library staff are approached by faculty, community persons, etc. about giving materials to Feinberg, please feel free to share the written gift policy with them or refer them to the Head of Resource Control. All library staff should be familiar with the Feinberg Library Gift Policy so that you can respond to basic questions.

    The Head of Resources Control will discuss the potential gift with the donor and explain the Feinberg Library gift policy; a copy of the policy should be sent to the donor. Individuals should be encouraged to read the gift policy carefully and compare their gift materials to Feinberg Library’s needs as stated in the Gift Policy.

    If a gift seems to meet the Library's gift criteria the Head of Resource Control will notify the Director of Libraries and the Head of Collection Management. The Head of Collection Management will work with the Head of Resource Control and the appropriate library liaison to evaluate the gift in relation to Feinberg Library's collection needs. The evaluation of the gift may include a site visit, preparation of bibliography, and a check against the online catalog, among other activities.

    The Head of Collection Management, or the liaison, will provide a summary of the evaluation to the Director of Libraries along with a recommendation to accept or reject the gift. The Director of Libraries will contact the potential donor regarding the Library's decision.

    Gifts accepted will be processed as time allows through normal operating procedures. If the gift includes materials which the Library does not want to add to the collection, those materials will be temporarily stored and offered to appropriate agencies (i.e. prisons, Clinton Community College, etc) by the Head of Resource Control.

    This policy is written specifically for multiple piece gifts. Single gift items can be accepted by any library staff member. The gift should then be sent to the Head of Resource Control; it will be acknowledged by the Director of Libraries.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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