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Bottled Water Purchases Policy

Pursuant to New York State Executive Order # 18 

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6002.1 Purchasing

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5/16/2011 1.0 New Document  
10/15/2015 1.1 Minor Revisions  
12/30/2016 1.2 Minor Revisions  


Statement of Policy

Phase out the State's Purchase of Bottled Water

Effective June 1, 2011, The State or New York issued Executive Order # 18 to phase out the purchase and use of bottled water at all executive agency facilities, It is designed to improve the environment and save taxpayer dollars. While the University is not considered an executive agency. we have chosen to voluntarily comply with the order to the extent possible. SUNY Plattsburgh's plan to phase out expenditures for bottled water and provide alternate water sources is as follows:

  1. Effective June 1, 2011 requests to increase bottled water inventory will NOT be processed by the Purchasing Department either through the requisition or procurement card applications.
  2. Purchasing and/or Accounts Payable office will NOT process any requisitions or invoices indicating services provided after May 31, 2011. Transactions appearing on Procurement Cards will be the responsibility of the cardholder and will be invoiced directly to the cardholder.
  3. The Purchasing department can provide a summary of departments currently procuring bottled water within their area (if requested).
  4. Departments and Offices wishing to retain water coolers/ bottled water must remit payment from PERSONAL funds directly to the vendor.

Please feel free to contact the Purchasing Department (ext. 460) with any questions and/or concerns.


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