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Fleet Management Policy

Approved by Executive Council on June 3, 2008
Reapproved by Executive Council on December 10, 2009
Reapproved by Executive Council on December 2, 2014

Policy Number Policy Owner
5014.3 Facilities

1.0    Purpose

This policy provides guidelines to help ensure the safety of employees and authorized volunteers and the cost-effectiveness of fleet management practices and procedures. The acquisition, assignment and use of vehicles shall be based on an analysis of all available options of securing transportation, including such alternatives as public transportation and vehicle rentals. This analysis should reflect the statewide policy objectives of using the most economical means of transportation, acquiring vehicles in a cost-effective manner, and becoming more energy efficient and environmentally aware.

2.0    Revision History

Date Version Change Ref Section
6/3/2008 1.0 New Document  
12/10/2009 2.0 Major Revisions  
12/2/2014 3.0 Major Revisions  
10/6/2015 3.1 Minor Revisions  
1/4/2017 3.2 Minor Revisions  

3.0    Units and Persons Affected

All College Employees, Authorized Volunteers, and students

4.0    Policy

    4.1    VEHICLE USAGE

        4.1.1    Usage of State Vehicles is for SUNY Plattsburgh faculty, staff, students, and Authorized Volunteers and for official College Business only.        

        4.1.2    University-Affiliated Organizations may only utilize State Vehicles if they are acting on behalf of the College and conducting College Business

        4.1.3    The only person authorized to drive the state vehicle is the name listed on the vehicle request authorization to travel form.

        4.1.4    The college reserves the right to refuse to release a vehicle for travel purposes due to inclement weather.

        4.1.5    For Residence Hall Programming use of 12 passenger vans is restricted to a radius of 60 miles from the College. For travel beyond a 60 miles radius, Residence Hall Programming must use mini vans or use a vehicle from a rental agency.

        4.1.6    Drivers towing small utility or boat trailers by College fleet passenger vans must be specifically trained to do so. Only trained drivers will be approved for trailer towing, on a limited basis.

        4.1.7    A Vice President or designee must approve all out-of-state travel prior to the scheduled trip.

        4.1.8    Because of the limited capabilities of the campus owned GEM cars and other electric powered vehicles, drivers only have to be 18 years of age and hold a valid US drivers license.

        4.1.9    Requests for exceptions to this policy must be addressed in writing to the appropriate Vice President.


        4.2.1    All drivers must be College Employees or Authorized Volunteers acting within the scope of their responsibilities. 

        4.2.2    Students may only be drivers if:

      It is not feasible to use another driver who is an employee

      They are a College Employee acting within the scope of their responsibilities or approved as an Authorized Volunteer

      a staff member accompanies the transport of students for the approved purpose

        4.2.3    All drivers of State Vehicles must hold a valid United States drivers license, have completed their probationary period for their driver’s license, and not hold a restricted use license to operate vehicles.  A copy of the driver’s license must be on file with the campus prior to the trip. 

        4.2.4    Drivers who do not possess a New York State driver’s license must provide University Police with a copy of their driving abstract each semester. Individuals holding international driver’s licenses will not be allowed to operate vehicles

        4.2.5    All drivers must enroll in the NYS License Event Notification System (LENS) program and, if driving a passenger van, must have completed the campus approved van safety training program prior to the trip. 

        4.2.6    All drivers must be at least 20 years of age unless the exception listed in 4.1.8 applies

        4.2.7    All passengers must be employees of New York State, authorized volunteers, or other authorized personnel (e.g. students).


        4.3.1    All drivers must abide by the Vehicle and Traffic Laws and other appropriate laws when operating a vehicle on state business including, but not limited to the following:

      Maintain the proper speed. If no limit is posted, drive no faster than 55 mph. Speeding ticket fines are doubled in work zones, even when the workers or work vehicles are not there.

      Signal before turning or changing lanes.

      Allow enough space between driver’s vehicle and other vehicles to allow room to stop safely if the other vehicle stops suddenly.

      Wear seat belts

      Abstain from driving if tired or on medication, or have been drinking alcoholic beverages. 

      Schedule regular stops, every 100 miles or two hours

      Use of cellular phones without a hands-free cellular adaptor is prohibited

        4.3.2    Possession and/or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or other intoxicating substances in the vehicle are strictly forbidden.

        4.3.3    Use of any tobacco products in State vehicles is prohibited.

        4.3.4    Seatbelt use by all van occupants is required. The vehicle may not be operated unless everyone in the van is belted


        4.4.1    All accidents involving College Employees or Authorized Volunteers driving a State Vehicle on College Business must be reported to the appropriate police agency, University Police, and the Facilities Office (located in the Service Complex).  The driver of the vehicle is responsible for providing copies of police accident reports and filing a NYS MV104 Report with Facilities.

        4.4.2    All vehicle or equipment accidents meeting any of the following criteria must be reported to the State Accident Review Board (See 5/21/14 OGS Memo) within 10 days if any of the following criteria are met:

      Incident involving a fatality;

      Incident which has had or will have a significant negative impact on New York State’s insurance premiums and/or insurance coverages;

      Instance in which the New York State operator has accumulated two 2) or more moving accidents (i.e., vehicle in motion) within a 24-month period;

      Incident(s) in which a New York State vehicle(s) is deemed to be a “total loss” where frequency and/or cost appear to be factors;

      Incident resulting in $5,000 or more in property damage

      Incident resulting in $10,000 or more in bodily injury damages

      Incident raising questions or concerns about State fleet policy or procedure from a state risk management perspective; and 

      Incident that is a legal violation that is reported through the Department of Motor Vehicles LENS Program


        4.5.1    In general, College Employees or Authorized Volunteers using State Vehicles will be covered by the State unless negligence is proven 

        4.5.2    Detailed information about liability can be found in 2/25/2010 SUNY Legal Memo in Attachment 1 and 2.

5.0    Definitions

    5.1    Authorized Volunteer: An individual who has been approved and documentation is on file with Human Resource Services including the Statement in Lieu of Oath to perform volunteer services. May include students

    5.2    College Employee: All employees of the College, excluding employees of University-Affiliated Organizations. May include students as long as they are paid by the College

    5.3    College Business: Any activity approved by an authorized College Employee, or in connection with an approved class or College-organized activity, or that is required for performance of job functions, and that is consistent with and furthers the mission and operations of the College. May include academic or professional conferences, athletic games, Residence Hall Programming, course-related field trips, business-related meetings, or social, recreational, cultural and educational programs. College Business does not include any events initiated by student clubs, student organizations (like Fraternities or Sororities), the Student Association, or University-Affiliated Organizations conducting their own business

    5.4    LENS: An automated reporting system that allows the College to receive notifications of certain items which post to the driver license record of the participants

    5.5    Residence Hall Programming: Residence Hall activities that are organized and initiated by Resident Hall Directors, Resident Assistants, or Community Advocates

    5.6    State Vehicle: A vehicle that is owned by the State of New York

    5.7    Student Organizations: Any student-led club or organization that does not derive its funding from the College

    5.8    University-Affiliated Organizations: College Auxiliary Services, Plattsburgh Alumni Association, Plattsburgh College Foundation, Research Foundation for the State University of New York, and SUNY Plattsburgh Childcare Center. 

6.0    Responsibilities

    6.1    College Employees: Responsible for filling out vehicle request authorization and getting necessary approval for vehicle usage

    6.2    Center for Student Involvement: Responsible for providing van safety training

    6.3    Drivers: Responsible for following all policies related to vehicle usage

    6.4    Facilities Office: Responsible for managing all aspects of the fleet including vehicle maintenance and administering procedures for fleet usage. Responsible for ensuring that fleet vehicles are being used only by College Employees or Authorized Volunteers and are being utilized for legitimate College Business.  

    6.5    Human Resource Services: Responsible for maintaining documentation for all authorized volunteers

    6.6    Assistant to VP for Administration: Responsible for reviewing accidents and reporting those accidents that meet the criteria to the State Accident Review Board (Section 4.4.2). Also responsible for making final determination as to whether a College-Affiliated Organization may utilize fleet vehicles.

    6.7    University Police: Responsible for conducting LENS clearance

7.0    Procedures

    7.1    State vehicles are reserved by completing a “Vehicle Request Authorization Form” and sent to the Facilities Office prior to the scheduled travel. Reservations should include any specific instructions such as seats removed, running boards, trailer hitch, etc. 

    7.2    College Employees who are not driving a van as part of their employment with the college (not getting paid to drive) should be added to a list of authorized volunteers maintained by University Police.

    7.3    If a driver is unable to return the vehicle at the scheduled time or if a trip is cancelled, notification must be provided to the Maintenance Operations Center at extension 564-5019.

8.0    Appendix

8.1    A listing of permitted users can be found in the Fleet Management Permitted Users Listing.

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