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Archive of Past Campus Handbook Updates

This page details all Campus Handbook major policy actions that are more than six months old going back to January 1, 2015. Policies are listed in descending order by date approved.


Policy No. Policy Title Action Type Date Policy Owner
n/a Org. Chart-Business Affairs (PDF) Major Revision 11/3/2017  
n/a Org. Chart-Administrative (College-wide) (PDF) Minor Revision 10/2/2017  
3007.X Voicemail Broadcast Messaging Rescission 8/7/2017 LITS
n/a Org. Chart-Administrative (College-wide) (PDF) Major Revision 7/1/2017  
n/a Org. Chart-Academic Affairs (PDF) Major Revision 7/1/2017  
n/a Org. Chart-Business Affairs (PDF) Major Revision 7/1/2017  
n/a Org. Chart-Institutional Advancement (PDF) Major Revision 7/1/2017  
n/a Org. Chart-Student Affairs (PDF) Major Revision 7/1/2017  
9018.1 Housing Accommodations New Policy 3/6/2017 Student Support Services
8028.1 Fire Alarm Evacuation New Policy 2/13/2017      Emergency Management
8016.X Fire Alarm Procedure Rescission  2/13/2017 Emergency Management
2000.5.P Complaint Procedure for Review of Allegation of Unlawful Discrimination Major Revision 1/23/2017  Affirmative Action & Title IX
2004.7 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Major Revision  1/23/2017   Title IX
4044.1 Relocation Reimbursement - Academic Affairs Division New Policy 1/23/2017 Academic Affairs & HR
4045.1 Relocation Reimbursement - Non-Academic Affairs Division New Policy 1/23/2017  Purchasing & HR
4028.X Payment of Moving Expenses for New Employees Rescission 1/23/2017 Purchasing & HR
6017.1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) New Policy 1/23/2017 Student Accounts


Policy No. Policy Title Action Type Date Policy Owner
8012.2 Chemical Hygiene and Safety Program Major Revision    9/6/2016       Environmental Health & Safety
2001.4 Interpersonal Violence Major Revision 9/6/2016 Title IX 
2004.5 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Major Revision 9/6/2016 Title IX
10019.2 Responsible Use of Technology Major Revision    5/3/2016       Library & Info. Tech. Services
8010.1 Contractor Identification New Policy 5/3/2016 University Police
9010.2.P Legal Proceeding Preparation (E-Discovery) Procedure Major Revision 4/5/2016 Management Services
2003.1 Preferred First Name New Policy 4/5/2016 Title IX
8017.1 Hoverboards New Policy 2/2/2016 Environmental Health & Safety


Policy No. Policy Title Action Type Date Policy Owner
6000.2 Acceptance of Gifts in Kind Major Revision    9/1/2015       Institutional Advancement
9002.2 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Major Revision    9/1/2015       Registrar
8025.1 Tobacco-Restricted Campus New Policy 8/11/2015 Student Affairs
 n/a Smoking Rescission 8/11/2015 Student Affairs
8023.1 No Contact Order New Policy 7/7/2015 Title IX 
8008.1 Child Protection New Policy 6/2/2015 Management Services
9003.2 Student Photographs as Directory Information Policy Major Revision 4/28/2015 Registrar
9011.1.P Overdue Compliance Training New Policy 4/7/2015 Management Services
9013.1 Recognition of Student Organizations New Policy 4/7/2015 Center for Student Involvement
4040.1 Student Employment Opportunities Posting New Policy 4/7/2015 Career Development Center
7004.1 Organizational Unit Name Change or Formation New Policy 2/9/2015 Management Services
4000.2 Absence from Class and Class Coverage Procedures Major Revision 2/6/2015 VPAA / Human Resource Services

Looking for a more recent policy action? Please go to the Campus Handbook homepage for a list of major actions within the past six months.

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