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Affiliation Agreements

An affiliation agreement is a written contract that lays out the legal expectations of both our campus and the site when a student is interning or training at a site for course credit and the site requires liability insurance for the student.


An affiliation agreement is only necessary if the site requires liability insurance for the student. It is highly recommended that you inquire as to whether or not the site will require liability insurance as part of your initial research for internships. 


This image outlines the process for affiliation agremeents, factors include whether an agreement is already in place, whether the liability insurance is required, and whether they are using the standard agreement


  • Management Services - Maintains a record of all agreements and serves as a resource to programs.  Management services consults with the Office of General Counsel as necessary to ensure all non-standard agreements meet state contract law.
  • Office of General Counsel - Issues standard agreements for clinical and non-clinical placements. Approves all agreement modifications.
  • Affiliation Agreement Coordinator - Although responsibilities may vary across academic programs, the coordinator serves as the intermediary between the site contact, student, and the campus to ensure all necessary agreements are in place prior to the internship. Typically, the coordinator initiates the agreement and sends to the site. The coordinator consults with Management Services if modifications are requested to the affiliation agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is student liability insurance and what does it cover?

    The State University of New York has partnered with Ironshore Indemnity, Inc. to provide student liability insurance for eligible students. The purpose of the student liability policy is to cover State University of New York enrolled students participating in a clinical or non-clinical training program at an outside facility or at SUNY facilities. In order for the clinical or non-clinical training program to be included under the policy, all of the following criteria must be met:

    • The student must receive academic credit or be meeting a course or program requirement
    • The training must be supervised by the training site and a faculty member
    • There is an affiliation agreement in place between SUNY and the training program site
    • The affiliation site must require insurance. The program must be approved by the company for coverage under the policy

    This liability insurance policy will cover students who are named as a party of legal action arising from their participation in a program that meets the criteria described above. The policy will pay those sums that the student becomes legally obligated to pay as a result of “bodily injury” or “property damages” covered by the policy including associated legal expenses.  This coverage does not indemnify the clinical/non-clinical training site, location or host entity.  This policy does not insure any licensed professionals acting in that capacity.

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