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Management Services

What We Do

Management Services provides essential administrative services that support effective decision-making, promote ethical management of resources and employee behavior, manage specific compliance and risks, and facilitate the business of the College. Our responsibilities include coordination of:

  • Campus Policies and Procedures
  • Child Protection Program
  • Campus-wide Compliance Training Program
  • Freedom of Information Law Requests
  • HIPAA Privacy Program
  • Legal Liaison
  • Property Control
  • Records Management
  • Small Claims
  • Special Projects for the Vice President for Administration and Finance


Management Services provides solutions to problems to support those who serve our students.


Management Services strives to be the preeminent resource for assisting institutional decision makers with the complex problems of tomorrow's higher education.


  • We believe in integrity. We seek to do the right thing and model ethical conduct in our daily practice.
  • We believe in accountability. We recognize that we are responsible for our words and actions and that promises provided must be delivered.
  • We believe in respect. We strive to collaborate in an open and honest way, to understand others’ perspectives and to treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • We believe in continuous improvement. We know that the College is always evolving and we, too, must look for ways to ensure our knowledge, skills, and services remain relevant and valuable.
  • We believe in seeing the big picture. We understand that we are here to support the mission of the College and that today’s solutions must also safeguard tomorrow.
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